London passenger tests positive on arrival to Alicante

A passenger travelling from London has tested positive on arrival at Alicante-Elche airport and was sent by taxi to his home in Almería.

A passenger from London who arrived on Monday night at Alicante-Elche airport without a PCR test has tested positive and ended up having to take a taxi in the early hours of Tuesday morning to his residence in Almería. The taxi journey was the suggestion of Public Health officials of the Generalitat when the infected passenger did not want to go to the hospital.

The Nigerian passenger, who arrived from London already infected, will presumably receive instructions to self isolate in Almería.  He will also receive a fine for entering Spain without the required PCR test.  Sources claim the man allegedly boarded the plane in London claiming he had the PCR test, but on arrival in Alicante and going through police document checks, it became apparent that the man did not have the test.   Airport health workers administered the antigen test on-site and confirmed the man tested positive for covid-19.   As the man was travelling from the United Kingdom where the British strain of the virus is causing a large number of infections, airport workers contacted Public Health officials for instructions on what to do with the passenger. The passenger did not want to go to a hospital in the Alicante province and since his residence is in Almería. Public Health indicated that he should go to his home and proceeded to look for a taxi driver who would be willing to take the man home knowing that he was infected. Eventually, the man was transferred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Crew and the passengers from the flight have been alerted to the situation.

Since December 22, when controls were reinforced in the face of the more contagious new strain of the coronavirus, National Police have refused entry to 55 British passengers at Alicante-Elche airport for not being residents.