Mars, Snickers and Twix now come in 100 calorie bars

There’s nothing nicer then settling down on the sofa with a huge cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a chocolate bar. Mars bars are particularly great for dunking, if that’s your thing (of course it is – dunking is everyone’s thing.)
But if you’ve started the year how you mean to go on by cutting back a little on treats like chocolate bars, you may be struggling to delete them from your life completely. That’s where these snazzy little 100 calorie bars come in.
Mars, Snickers and Twix bars now come in 100 calorie (or less) bars for those of us trying to cut down a little after the over-indulging that Christmas inevitably brings.
These snackable bars cater to the 68 percent of those surveyed who recently said they would rather have a smaller portion of their favourite chocolate bar than a larger amount of a lower-sugar chocolate bar. Makes sense to us!
Kerry Cavanaugh, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley UK (which makes all three chocolate bars) said: “If you’re like me and love a sweet treat but are calorie conscious, these chocolate bars are for you! Our new 100 calorie range gives people their favourite brands in a smaller size. Which is perfect for those who said recently that they would prefer less of their favourite chocolate than to compromise on taste.”
The 100 calorie or less range is widely available and can be bought in single bars or in 10-packs and will soon be stocked in local shops selling British products such as Iceland and Tesco Food Co.