Torrevieja schools receive CO2 metres

All Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary schools in Torrevieja will this week receive CO2 detectors. The Adult Training School (EPA) and the Official Language School (EOI) will also receive a unit each.
The Councillor for Education, Ricardo Recuero, met with the manager of AGAMED Jorge Ballesta, and deputy manager, Gema Cruz, together with Javier Riquelme of Empresas del Sol, – both companies having jointly donated the 40 CO2 metres for use in Torrevieja schools.
The donation forms part of the Department of Education’s Environmental Quality campaign, the objective of which is to guarantee the quality of the air in the classrooms of local schools. The CO2 metres analyse the quality of indoor air and emit an immediate alert whichever it is necessary to ventilate the room.
The main advantages of having this type of device in schools at present is the possibility of measuring and checking CO2 in the environment, helping teachers to know when it is necessary to ventilate the space, reducing possible exposure to COVID-19, and generating a warning before excessive CO2 buildup in the classroom.
Empresas del Sol supported the project, with the donation of 15 detectors, and water management company AGAMED donated 25 units.