Ballistics report on Gilligan’s gun ‘inconclusive’

The ballistics report carried out on a revolver found buried during the arrest of convicted Irish criminal John Gilligan did not clearly indicate whether, as Spanish police initially thought, it was the same weapon used in the murder of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin in 1996.
The ballistics report says that “with the means, evidence and indications” available to the National Police “it is not possible to write a conclusive expert report that affirms that this firearm is the one used”, despite the fact that at first, police thought it to be the same gun, a Colt Python revolver from which six shots ended Guerin’s life.
Gilligan, the main suspect in instigating the fatal shooting of Veronica Guerin, was arrested in Torrevieja along with other members of his criminal organization last October, for the alleged trafficking of narcotic substances and sending him to the United Kingdom by post (see report on page 3 for the conclusion of the police operation).
After serving 17 years in prison, the 68-year-old Irish gangster fled Ireland after attempts were made on his life, including the fatal shooting of his bodyguard.