Two women arrested for theft and illegal possession of weapons

The Guardia Civil has arrested two women in Almoradí for the crime of illegal possession of weapons and being suspected of stealing from homes.
The Almoradí Civil Guard received a call from a neighbour who told police that two women were walking round the town knocking on the doors of houses with the excuse of ‘meeting neighbours’ and trying to get owners to let them into their homes.
Immediately, officers went to the area worried about the intentions of the women and also concerned because of the Covid restrictions dictating that you cannot have other people in your home, only those you actually live with. Once in the area indicted by the caller, police saw two women who appeared to be going door-to-door. It is alleged that the women were entering the homes of the elderly and whilst one of them distracted them, the other would steal any items of value they could find.
In the course of the surveillance carried out by the Almoradí Investigation Area team, they saw the two suspects carrying a bag that they then hid under a vehicle parked on public roads, making sure that it was completely hidden. The officers approached the women, identified them and recovered the bag. Inside they discovered a jacket in which two firearms were wrapped.
These weapons were a 38 calibre revolver and a 7.65 calibre Browning pistol with three magazines. Cartridges from this pistol and from the revolver were found hidden in the same bag. Four knives of different sizes were also concealed within the bag.
The women turned out to be two Spanish women, aged 23 and 26, respectively, and due to the facts, they were arrested immediately and proceedings were carried out for a crime of illegal possession of weapons. The case was referred to the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Orihuela, which released the pair on bail with charges.