Torrevieja police officer arrested for drug trafficking

A Torrevieja Policia Local officer has been arrested, alongside four others, accused of drug trafficking. Guardia Civil arrested four men and a woman on Orihuela Costa, believed to be members of an organisation which sold marijuana and cocaine.
The arrested woman belongs to the Torrevieja Local Police force and prosecutors say she used her status as a police officer to facilitate the distribution of drugs.
Three of the detainees are charged with the crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group, one of them is considered to be the “leader” of the organization, and is also accused of electricity fraud. The police officer is charged with drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal group and the dereliction of duty.
This investigation began once another operation ended in September 2020, in which twelve members of a criminal organization involved in the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana in rented chalets across the Vega Baja region were arrested.
As a result of the investigations carried out in the previous operation, investigators became aware that an officer of the Torrevieja Local Police could be involved, so a new investigation was launched.
Inquiries unveiled the involvement a neighbour of the police officer. It was discovered that this man looked after the “retail” end of the cocaine and marijuana distribution, as he sold the substances both from his home in Orihuela Costa and engaged in their distribution around Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja.
According to Guardia Civil reports, drops were sometimes made by the officer, who took advantage of her position in order to notify the gang of police checkpoints. Authorities believe that on one occasion, while on duty and while the perimeter closure was in place on weekends, the police officer entered closed towns (at a time when towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants were locked down at weekends), dressed in uniform and in an official vehicle, made trips between towns as part of the drug trafficking operation.
Guardia Civil also discovered what they described as a “significant” marijuana plantation in a home linked to the gang.
The operation drew to a close with the arrest of four men and one woman. In addition, 126 marijuana plants and other substances were seized. A judge ruled prison without bail for the leader of the gang while the others have been released but with charges. For her part, the police officer has been released with charges and has been prohibited from leaving the country.