Guardamar seeks to boost the labour market

The Guardamar del Segura City Council and a representative of the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP) have met to discuss the collaboration signed agreement signed with the Valencian Employment and Training Service to encourage the labour market in the town.
The meeting was attended by the City Council, the Mayor of Guardamar del Segura, José Luis Sáez and the Councillor for Economic Promotion Gisela Teva, as well as an Employment and Local Development technician. A representative of the FVMP, David Fernández, provincial coordinator also attended the meeting.
The purpose of these actions is to facilitate the promotion of the labour market, and they include several lines of action. The agreement establishes the general framework for the start-up and development of two mobile Espai Labora points, to which the Guardamar del Segura City Council has agreed. At the mobile points, personalised attention will be offered to different groups of applicants, both to people registered and job seekers in the Espai Labora, as well as non-registered people who are interested in the services offered. These mobile facilities will also inform and publicise the services that the Labora provides to improve the employability of local residents. There will also be collaboration to establish a coordination framework for employment and training resources available across the province of Alicante, which will include those made available to local users by the Employment and Local Development Agency.
This agreement is part of the Avalem Territori strategy, which aims to make territorial policies for employment more adapted to the real needs of the local community both businesses and potential employees.
The Councillor for Economic Promotion Gisela Teva, has stressed the importance of “coordinating all available resources between administrations to combat unemployment, with the aim of boosting the labour market and helping the local economy in its process of recovery from the effects of the pandemic”.
The Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces is an organisation whose purpose its is to defend the interests of the Valencian municipalities, unite resolutions and coordinate actions, in this regard José Luis Sáez, the Mayor of Guardamar, explained the value he placed on the support of the organisation and highlighted the importance of “municipalities to be close to their citizens, and especially at times when proximity is required as a key part of to understanding people’s needs and demands”.