Curfew likely to be extended to midnight

A report today by Cadena SER in Valencia has claimed that from next week, the curfew in the Valencian Community will be extended to midnight and that bars and restaurants will be allowed to open later. The Valencian government is said to be studying extending closing times until 11pm or 11:30 pm.
The Generalitat is believed to be finalising today (Thursday) the legal framework that will establish the new regulations to be imposed after the State of Alarm finishes on May 9th. The report by Cadena SER this afternoon claims that the curfew will be extended to midnight and the hospitality industry will have a later closing time. There is a package of new measures being planned although the details have not yet been confirmed.
The Valencian Government has already confirmed that, with the end of the state of alarm, the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community will be lifted. As we now understand it, the curfew will begin at midnight rather than 10pm, and will run until 6am.
In terms of groups meeting, at present groups of more than six are not allowed but it is understood that officials are this week studying the situation in order that this number may be extended to eight or even ten – although this is not yet confirmed.