Flamingos return to nest in Torrevieja

A happy outcome of last year’s lockdown was the historic nesting of hundreds of mating pairs of flamingos, a phenomenon which hadn’t happened in almost 40 years. The flamingos arrived weeks ago to the salt lake in Torrevieja and it had appeared they left again. However, they had actually simply moved to a less visible area. Now, the group has moved to the central wetland and appear to be nesting there, just as they did last year for the very first time.
According to Amigos de los Humedales del Sur de Alicante (AHSA), the rains this spring and the drop in salinity have allowed an increase in brine shrimp, an arthropod on which the flamingos feed.
According to AHSA, some 500 flamingos have been observed in the same area where they nested last year. The central wetland is used by heavy machinery for the salt harvest but it is hoped that the company in charge of salt extraction will respect this exceptional phenomenon.