Orihuela audits its playgrounds

The Department of Infrastructure for Orihuela City Council, led by Councillor Ángel Noguera, has received the results of the study it commissioned from AIJU (Association for Research of the Related and Related Toy Industry) on the 150 playgrounds in the municipality of Orihuela.
This study, carried out for the first time across Orihuela, cost € 17,242.50, took 12 months to complete and included a safety evaluation, inspection and certification of the games and equipment in the playgrounds of the municipality, mainly focused on items such as swings, springs, slides and synthetic tile coatings.
Councillor Noguera said: “Based on these reports, an action plan is being prepared with the corresponding assessment to begin adapting safety regulations and in order to make playgrounds more inclusive. Priority will be given, above all, to the arrangement and improvement of children’s areas that are in worse condition and with greater possibilities of use due to their proximity to residential areas.”
The Oriolano Municipal Parks and Gardens Service is also working, based on the information collected, on the possible decision to keep or not keep any of these spaces in locations where they do not serve their purpose because they are not attached to areas with any houses, due to the lack of urban development originally planned.
The estimated cost of the necessary replacements will serve the council to make a map of the parks throughout the municipality, design a coordinated and effective maintenance service and adequately budget for both replacements and maintenance annually according to economic possibilities of the area.
In addition to improving the safety of children’s play areas based on this study, maintenance work is routinely carried out on children’s areas and their surroundings throughout the year to prevent widespread deterioration. Special emphasis is placed on the necessary collaboration and support of the local community to conserve parks as they are vital to the enjoyment of families.