Fight over drugs leads to shooting

The Orihuela National Police have arrested a 37-year-old man who tried to kill a 53-year-old man. The victim was dumped out of a vehicle, badly wounded, in a remote location. The events took place in November 2019 when someone walking their dog noticed the badly injured man on the outskirts of Orihuela.
The man immediately alerted the emergency services, and the National Police were called to the scene. When they saw the severity of the wounds, they activated the Protocol of Action against Violent Crimes to assist the victim, protect the crime scene and collect all possible information to establish what has happened. The wounded man was bleeding profusely from his head and legs, and although he was not a Spanish speaker, he managed to explain to the officers that he had been shot.
The man was rushed to hospital where they managed to stabilise him. Doctors told the officers that the man had suffered two gunshots to the femur and a blunt force blow to the head. Given the circumstances, the Local Scientific Police unit collected forensic evidence from the clothing and nails in case a fight with the attacker had left vital clues as to his identity.
The officers began their investigation by looking for similar crimes, determining after many months of work who the mystery attacker was. Verification of the identity was confirmed by the results of the DNA samples collected as the alleged perpetrator had been detained on previous occasions in which DNA samples had been taken.
By logging the new data obtained from the victim’s nails and clothes into the National Police database, the program recognised the fingerprints as those previously taken in connection with other crimes and it was a definite match. Once the attacker’s identity was known, an operation was started to locate and arrest him. This was an investigation that was difficult to carry out since the detainee frequently changed his address. Finally, after several surveillances and liaisons with the international police services, the alleged perpetrator was arrested in mid-March in the town of Crevillente.
He was an extremely violent man, with a diverse history of robbery, injuries and drug trafficking, among others. It had only been two months since he had been released from jail after spending more than a year inside for another crime.
The victim, who had initially been uncooperative, finally told officers what had happened and admitted that he had gotten into the man’s car to buy drugs. Once in the car, he tried to steal the money and they started fighting which ended with the shooting.
The detainee, of Moroccan nationality, was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction for Crevillente.