More protests about hospital changeover

The organisation ‘Plataforma Ciudadana Sanidad Excelente’ (Citizen Platform for Excellent Health) held another protest at the weekend to highlight its rejection of the reversal of the Torrevieja Hospital into public hands.
Politicians from all over the Vega Baja area and residents of Torrevieja and surrounding areas supported the platform in the gathering, which took place on Saturday evening in Torrevieja’s main square.
A spokesperson for the Platform read a manifesto arguing its opposition to the hospital becoming publically managed.
In October of this year the contract for Ribera Salud to run the hospital ends and the department will be managed by the Ministry of Health. The changeover will impact the 11 municipalities served by the ‘health area’ covered by the hospital.
At the protest, loud clapping was heard to mark solidarity and support for the 3000 health workers who, in the middle of the vaccination rollout, were fired by the Generalitat Valenciana by WhatsApp, explained the Platform.
Members of the Platform spoke about their fears for what the future holds if and when the hospital reverts to public hands, citing examples of previous such reversions where waiting lists have soared and talented medical staff have left due to deterioration of conditions.
The protest ended with a speech by health worker from the hospital, Juan Antonio Franco, who referenced various specialist programmes that will no longer be part of the hospital, and the loss of health professionals. He also highlighted that platforms like Yo Salud, the online patient interface which allows patients and staff to interact online and manage appointments and results, will no longer work after the changeover.
The day was closed with the statement that the current management is in charge of the health centres and the hospital so that the patient is currently receiving a comprehensive treatment, allowing a preventive approach to treatment. “Today”, said the spokesperson, “we have a modern, dynamic management that is viable, not stagnant or burdened by political whims, which is where they want to lead us.”
Around Torrevieja in recent days, signs have appeared on bridges and fences reading ‘NO to the hospital changeover’.