Huge success during first week of Bono Consumo

From June 18th to 24th, the first week of the ‘Bono Consumo’ voucher scheme, residents and tourists bought vouchers worth €110,805 (with spending value of €221,610) through the website
The Bonoconsumo campaign is an initiative by Torrevieja City Council, in collaboration with APYMECO, designed to encourage spending in the town, especially in small businesses and the hospitality sector. In the first week of the scheme, 164 establishments have signed up to the initiative.
The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, expressed his satisfaction at the great reaction to the initiative. Anyone living in or visiting Torrevieja can buy the voucher and exchange it in any of the participating establishments until September 30, 2021.
The campaign has an initial municipal investment of €500,000, which will have an impact on direct spending of one million euro. In addition, the mayor revealed that for the last quarter of the year the town hall has planned to continue with another investment of €500,000. In total, the town hall intends to invest one million euro in the scheme, which would have a direct impact on local spending of two million euro.
Both the town hall and the Association of Small and Medium Merchants of Torrevieja (APYMECO) predict that during the month of July, the first €500,000 worth of vouchers will sell out.
There is a limit of €100 per person and there is a list of participating establishments, including a number of popular restaurants, bars and shops, on the website.
The vouchers have a value of 10 and 20 euros, of which the buyer contributes half the amount, that is, you pay 5 or 10 euros for a voucher worth 10 or 20. The remaining amount is directly paid by Torrevieja City Council to the establishments participating in the campaign. Once you buy the vouchers, you can display it on your mobile or print the PDF.
To buy vouchers, or to register your business as a participant in the scheme (if your business is based in Torrevieja) log on to the website