Torrevieja claims to have the safest beaches in Spain for the second year running

For the second consecutive year, Torrevieja claims it boasts the safest beaches in Spain with a state of the art information and control system in place along beaches and coastal walkways.
Around 275 people will this summer be responsible for the safety of the beaches of Torrevieja including controllers, informers, riders, guards and lifeguards.
The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, alongside councillor for Antonio Vidal, visited the natural swimming pools on Juan Aparicio promenade to officially launch the Access Management and Control Service. The service was first instigated last year due to COVID-19 and it was decided earlier this year to extend the service into Summer 2021 with the incorporation of additional information and control services in areas and times of greatest influx of passers-by. Along with the mayor and the beach councilor, the manager of Recreativos Acuáticos Horadada, Víctor José González, was also present. The company was awarded the contract for sunbeds and recreational games on the beaches of Torrevieja. Also present was José Areste, manager of BRÓCOLI, the company with the contract for beach security and cleaning. The company, founded only last year in the midst of security measures imposed by the Spanish government, has quickly become one of the most successful on the entire Mediterranean coast, offering a comprehensive service to control beach capacity and safety, as well as cleaning and disinfection of public toilets and footbaths.
A €1.2m contract was awarded to BRÓCOLI which creates 194 jobs, including 40 posts in the new boardwalk control service, 120 beach controllers, 10 cleaners and more. The service, which began on Friday, will continue until the end of September.
The mayor of Torrevieja pointed out that in addition to these 194 people, there are 31 beach controllers, all of whom are under 30 years of age and part of a working scheme subsidized by the Generalitat Valenciana over the next three months, as well as the 50 lifeguards and beaches surveillance workers. In total, 275 people will be working for the safety of Torrevieja’s beaches to make them the safest in Spain.
At the launch, the mayor Eduardo Dolón also revealed that there are accessible areas such as ramps to access the beaches and bathing areas for people with reduced mobility, thus providing a higher quality of service on the beaches of Torrevieja as well as sunbed services, recreational games and beach bars. Improved toilet facilities have also been installed with toilets for all (whether they are clients of the beach bar or not), as well as pergolas for people with reduced mobility equipped with hoist showers with amphibious chairs.