Two arrested for armed burglary on Orihuela Costa

Guardia Civil have arrested two people for the alleged armed burglary and intimidation of a house in Orihuela Costa. The victims, an 80 year old woman and her young female carer, were tied up, gagged and threatened with a gun during the incident. The robbers fled on foot after taking over a thousand euro in cash and a quantity of the elderly woman’s jewellery.
Once the incident was reported to police, detectives arrived to the house to carry out a search, taking fingerprints as well as statements from the victims. It transpired that one of the people involved in the alleged burglary was a former employee at the house and had been fired just weeks before the robbery took place.
According to statements given by the victims, on the day the robbery took place, the 17 year old carer arrived to the home of the 80 year old as usual. Her first task of the day was to walk the lady’s dog so she attached the dog’s lead and went out on to the street. There she was approached at the door by two people who are alleged to have pointed a gun at her and forced her to return back inside in silence without raising the alarm. Once inside, the perpetrators tied up and gagged both the young woman and the elderly lady and, when they managed to immobilize them completely, from the drawer of one of the bedside tables in the old woman’s bedroom, they took an envelope with 800 euros and from her bag, which was hanging in the next room, another 280 euros. In addition, they stole gold jewellery.
After the burglars had fled on foot, the young woman managed to free herself from the duct tape they had used to tie her and was able to call the Guardia Civil. Officers were quickly able to locate the man who used to work for the homeowner. He had worked there for two years but she had fired him because she suspected he was stealing from her. His female accomplice had been described in detail by the victims and she was also arrested in Torrevieja. Officers carried out a search on both suspects’ houses and found 1,300 euros in cash and various pieces of jewellery, which the suspects could not prove legitimate origin. In addition, various objects were found, such as ski masks and walkie-talkies, possibly used for criminal activity.
The two arrested were a 37-year-old man of Ecuadorian nationality and a 19-year-old woman of Spanish nationality. They are charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation. After appearing in court, both have been remanded in custody in prison.