Man arrested for neck stabbing

A man in Torrevieja has been arrested for stabbing another man in the neck with a Stanley knife and leaving him to bleed out in a car. Guardia Civil arrested the 36 year old man for attempted murder after he allegedly left his victim to die in a car after stabbing him in the neck with a retractable Stanley knife. The incident took place in Torrevieja on July 16th when a man was walking down a quiet street and stopped as he passed by a vehicle, hearing the victim’s cries for help. As he approached, he noticed that the man was bleeding profusely from a neck wound and he immediately called the emergency services. The victim was rushed to Torrevieja hospital where doctors were able to save his life. The stab wound missed vital arteries by mere centimetres.
Guardia Civil detectives took samples from the scene for study and found part of the retractable blade used to stab the victim. Initially, the efforts to locate the alleged perpetrator were unsuccessful and the investigation was temporarily paused, until just a few weeks later, it was learned that an individual had gone to a police station to report that he had been the victim of an injury to the finger. Detectives suspected that he may have been involved in the assault and managed to locate and arrest him. The man was charged with attempted homicide taking account his intentions, for causing injuries of significant magnitude and fleeing the scene, leaving the victim abandoned to his luck, in an isolated area. According to the investigations, which were overseen by the Torrevieja Civil Guard Judicial Police Team, the fight could have originated as a result of a disagreement over money. The suspect has appeared in court and has been remanded in prison to await trial.