Sport in the Street

A series of free sporting activities entitled ‘Sport in the Street’ are set to take place in Los Montesinos throughout August, every Tuesday and Thursday. The activities will be held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 8pm.
The initiative was presented by Sports Councillor, Ana Belén Juárez who said that the programme “will bring physical and sports activity to everyone during the month of August in an effort to promote healthy life and support the local gyms, whom the pandemic has affected significantly.”
Three local gyms are involved in the programme. Classes will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm throughout the month of August and a healthy snack will be provided afterwards by the town hall.
Juárez said, “We are a town with great sporting potential that, in addition to the public infrastructures that we have, has a very important economy around sport. And we have to take advantage of this so that all people implement healthy practices and good habits. This is where this initiative comes from, which aims to bring sport closer to everyone, regardless of their age and physical condition and capacity, since anyone can participate in the programme.”
Juárez continued, “We also want to show that sport does not give up, and this is one of the slogans that appears on the commemorative mugs that we will give to people who participate in at least three activities from different sports centres. Gyms have had to stop their activity, we have had restrictions on going out on the street and, nevertheless, sport has been a great escape valve for many people from their own homes in a confinement situation. Now it seems that the new rules allow, strictly respecting sanitary measures, that we can socialize again by doing sports and we wanted to promote some of the activities that are done in the local gyms such as spinning or training as well as new disciplines that the Town Hall intends to promote, such as taekwondo or running.”
In addition to the free outdoor classes, there will be an organised night hiking route that will start at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento on Friday 13th.
The councillor was keen to thank the three gyms – Gym Ballesta, Buen Corps and Deisa Wellness Centre – for their collaboration on this initiative and highlighted the quality of the activities offered in each of the three centres.
Juárez, particicularly wanted to encourage local women to join in the activities saying that women “due to their family responsibilities and the rhythm of daily life, find it difficult to continue to practice sports continuously. I would like these days to be an opportunity for them to see that it is a healthy alternative for leisure and free time and that in the municipality of Los Montesinos there are options that are sure to suit their needs and schedules.”
– Tuesday, August 3: Master Class Spinning offered by Ballesta Gym
– Thursday, August 5: ‘Training in the Olympus’ (Functional Training) offered by Buen Corps
– Tuesday August 10: Introduction to Running offered by the Department of Sports
– Thursday, August 12: Master Class Spinning offered by Ballesta Gym
– Friday August 13: Night hiking route organized by the Department of Sports
– Tuesday August 17: Functional Training offered by Deisa Wellnes Centre
– Thursday, August 19: ‘Jogo Bonito’ (Functional Training) offered by Good Body
– Tuesday, August 24: Introduction to Taekwondo offered by the Department of Sports
– Thursday, August 26: Functional Training offered by Deisa Wellnes Centre
* All activities will be free and will begin at 8:00 p.m. in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
* To control the capacity, prior registration is required by calling the town hall 96 672 10 87.