Brit arrested in Guardamar with more than 3 kilos of marijuana

A 42-year-old British man has been arrested for drug trafficking in Guardamar del Segura.
Whilst on routine patrol, a Civil Guard patrol noticed a vehicle that became elusive and evasive when the driver spotted the police car.
At first, officers thought that the actions must be due to the fact that the car was on the road despite having an expired Technical Inspection of the Vehicle (ITV) but when they did further checks to identify it, the driver details did not match with the registered owner of the vehicle. The driver insisted that he had bought the car recently and had not yet had time to be able to register the name change.
Given the possibility that this man was hiding something illegal, the officers began to search the vehicle. When they opened the trunk they found an open cardboard box with six plastic, vacuum packed, bags of marijuana, a total of 3,261 grams. The man was immediately arrested for a drug trafficking crimes. After going to court, he has been released with charges.