Calls for traffic accident black spots to be addressed

The municipal spokesperson for Los Verdes Torrevieja, Israel Muñoz, has presented a motion on road safety in an effort to reduce the risk in the streets and crossings of Torrevieja. The aim is to compile a map of accident black spots and then to address each one with a tailored correction plan to reduce the accident statistics registered by the Local Police and insurance companies. For example by installing signals or changing the road layout.
The first step of the mapping motion presented at the Plenary urges the City Council, in conjunction with the Local Police Reporting Unit and insurance companies, to carry out the mapping and a study of black spots with a high incidence of accidents. The second proposes an agreement between the Department and the companies in order to obtain more information on accidents that are not attended by the police.
From the resulting study, the Greens are pushing for the improvement of the signage and other measures such as the implantation of yields at unmarked crossings, improvement of the visibility of signs already installed, as well as other measures that will reduce both collisions and pedestrian accidents.