Torrevieja releases tourist figures

The Councillor for Tourism in Torrevieja, Rosario Martínez Chazarra, has released the statistics of the visitors received at the tourist information office in Paseo Vista Alegre during the months of July and August 2021.
The total number of visitors attended at the tourist information office during this summer (July and August) was 6,006 visitors (2,579 in July and 3,427 in August), 45.78 percent corresponding to demands from national tourists and the rest, 52.28 percent, to demands of international tourists. It should be noted that for the first time since the pandemic, international tourism slightly exceeds national tourism. Tourists made a total of 7,289 inquiries.
Compared to 2020 there has been a significant increase in the face-to-face service; while last year 2,300 people were served during the summer period. This figure has been exceeded this year with almost three times as many people going to the tourist office compared to 2019, with just 16 percent less footfall. Probably the high vaccination rate is encouraging people to go in person to the tourist office.
The main office, located on Paseo Vista Alegre, receives the majority of visitors due to its central location and long opening hours – open from 9am to 8pm and Saturdays and public holidays 9.30am to 1.30pm. The busiest day of the whole summer was Tuesday, 10th August with 278 people making enquiries, followed by 4th August, with about 268 people requiring information.

Evolution throughout this year in face-to-face enquirie
There is a notable increase both from April to May and from May to June and, finally, from July to August.

As usual, the Community of Madrid leads the national visitors, representing 26.6 percent of the total, followed by locals with 23.1 percent, the Valencian Community with 14.7 percent and the Basque Country with 10,2 percent.
Among foreign tourists, the proximity between French and Belgians is accentuated, occupying 29.3 percent and 19 percent respectively (representing almost 50 percent of visits), followed by British, Swedish and German. There is an increase in tourists from Eastern Europe such as Polish.
Of the total number of inquiries made, 38 percent were regarding local information, 14.3 percent cultural activities, followed by transport at 10.2 percent.
Among the requests for local information the Salinas were top of the list representing 57.1 percent, followed by the “Delfín” Submarine at 12.6 percent, the island of Tabarca at 11.7 percent and nautical sports 4.9 percent.

Hotel occupancy
Hotel occupancy during the month of July exceeded 74 percent and, in August, 80.30 percent, the average for the entire summer period being 78 percent. By category, the only 4-star establishment in August had 96.22% occupancy, exceeding July. The three-star establishments had 83.48 percent in the first half of August and 78.47 percent in the second, some of them exceeding 90 percent. Apartments in the town reached 91.77 percent during the month of August. In general, the figures are close to 2019 in which the global average for summer was 77.9 percent.