Torrevieja money laundering operation shut down

Guardia Civil have arrested four people, alleged to be part of a money laundering gang based in Torrevieja. The gang members are accused of laundering over €2 million.
The investigation began back in July 2020 when a previous investigation into a million euro pyramid scheme led the Guardia Civil’s Economic Crime Unit to look into a possible money laundering operation based in Torrevieja.
In June 2020, investigators discovered that the first operation was twofold – on the one hand, laundering large sums of money obtained from victims of a pyramid scheme and on the other, laundering money from other criminal organisations. Officers discovered the involvement of several smaller ‘independent’ money laundering operations, one of which prompted this most recent investigation in Torrevieja.
Officers discovered a gang of at least 13 people laundering cash obtained illegally between 2016 and 2020. Investigators believed the gang laundered around 2 million euro, much of which had come from aggravated robberies.
The gang set up fake businesses and used front men, in whose name they opened bank accounts and named as the registered owners of properties and vehicles.
The first phase of the investigation saw four people arrested, two men and two women, believed to be the leaders of the gang. Those arrested are of Spanish, Croatian and Colombian nationality and some have a history of aggravated robbery. They have been charged with money laundering and belonging to a criminal organisation. All of the suspects appeared in Court No 3 of Torrevieja where the judge embargoed 19 bank accounts, 19 properties and 9 vehicles.
Guardia Civil continue with the investigation and new arrests have not been ruled out.