Man arrested for dousing a bar and customers in petrol

A man was arrested in Alicante by the National Police after he doused a bar terrace, and the customers seated therein, with petrol while threatening to set fire to the premises.
The 41 year old was arrested after he was accused of emptying two canisters of petrol on tables and customers of an Alicante bar, threatening to burn the place down after a disagreement over a motorcycle. The man is believed to have purchased a motorbike from a relative of the owner of the bar and apparently, when the man found out there was an embargo on the bike he decided to retaliate.
The incident occurred in the Florida neighbourhood in northern Alicante. After the bar owner told the man that she had called the police, he fled the scene. According to the Police, the man parked his motorcycle at the door from the bar first thing in the morning and emptied two cans of petrol right in front of customers, some of whom were on the terrace and were also doused with the fuel. After police arrived, fire fighters sprayed the area with a special foam to avoid a spontaneous combustion.