Ribera Salud still key healthcare supply

The Ministry of Health is continuing to use the services of Ribera Salud, the company that it has just “fired”, in order to continue to provide certain healthcare services.
Ribera may have left in name, but a large part of the operation of the Torrevieja University Hospital and its health centres continue to depend on the company. The Ministry of Health has had to award around twenty emergency contracts directly, without competition, so that they can guarantee the continuity of health care.
Ribera Salud will provide services and supplies worth 16 million euros, quite through to 31st December, 2022. The most important service is the clinical analysis and microbiology service offered by Torrevieja Diagnostics, which is part of the Ribera Group, which will cost the Ministry of Health 7 million euros.
Meanwhile, the Torrevieja health department has reinforced its oncology service with the appointment of two new doctors. The addition of the new specialists will improve the diagnosis and care for cancer patients. It allows for faster care and reinforces the lines of work in clinical research and emergency care.
The oncology service of the Torrevieja hospital, coordinated by Dr. Juan Carlos Toral, offers a personalised diagnosis to the cancer patient. In addition, the centre has a tumour committee capable of addressing prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.
In addition, the Breast Cancer Prevention Program (PPCM) and the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública are essential for the early detection and improvement of the quality of life of patients if required a treatment.