Elderly Man Loses Arm in Ambulance Crash

A 79-year old man lost his arm after the ambulance he was travelling in crashed on the way to hospital. Seven people were taken to hospital after a van hit the emergency vehicle on a roundabout near to San Javier. The van was carrying farm workers and reportedly took evasive action to try and avoid an accident.
The accident happened on the Las Cuerdas roundabout, which luckily is very close to the Los Arcos Hospital and so emergency help was quickly on scene.
The elderly gentleman was one of two passengers being transferred to hospital for test at the hospital. Fire-fighters were unable to free the elderly man without having to amputate one of his arms. He was taken to the major trauma centre for the area, the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia. The second passenger, an 80 year-old suffered only minor injuries.