Consequences of Christmas still to come

Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit of Elche General Hospital, Mar Masiá, has warned that we will see the consequences of Christmas get-togethers over the next two weeks.
Masiá said, “It is likely that this month will still be tough, with many infections, and that we will have much more over these next few weeks.”
She recommends that masks, social distancing and ventilation are three essential measures that we should all use to stop the spread, explaining that these measures are “absolutely necessary. It has been shown that the main route of transmission is air…and it is clear that with a mask the risk of transmission is greatly reduced. The problem is in how much we do not use them. That is the time when we are at risk and especially outside the workplace. We are seeing that almost all infections occur in the social environment or homes.”
Masiá suggests that stricter recommendations should have been issued for social gatherings over the Christmas period. “The more different groups, the risk of transmission increases. Probably in the next two weeks we will see the consequences of all this.”
Meanwhile this week, paediatric vaccination resumes in schools as children across the Valencian Community are back in the classroom.
The Ministry of Health is focusing on pupils aged between 5 and 8, and those aged between 9 and 11 who were not vaccinated before Christmas for whatever reason.
In order to receive the vaccine, the first step is for the child’s family to fill out, sign and return an authorization document that the school will have sent them. It is expected that this process will be completed by Wednesday, to begin inoculations on Thursday.
The vaccination process takes place in the schools themselves, during school hours and class by class to ensure children remain in their class groups. A family member will also be allowed to access the school to accompany the child at the time of vaccination.
In the first phase of paediatric vaccination, which took place before the Christmas holidays, 107,360 students received the first dose of the Pfizer paediatric vaccine.