4 Out of 10 School Transport Vehicles Sanctioned

In the latest campaign by the DGT which focussed on school transport vehicles, a total of 2,563 vehicles were checked by the agents of the Guardia Civil Traffic Group, of which 998 were reported, representing an increase of 1.5% compared to the same campaign held in January.
There were some positives taken from the campaign, such as the fact that only one of the school transport drivers controlled during the campaign violated the established speed limits and none tested positive in the preventive alcohol controls carried out by the agents, although 3 of them did so for drugs.
Regarding the use of seat belts in those vehicles that have them incorporated, in the inspections carried out by the agents it was found that only 5 of the vehicles that had these restraint systems presented anomalies in their operation.
As has become customary in this type of campaign, administrative irregularities are the ones that have generated the greatest number of complaints, including 710 for not having the special authorisation to carry out school transport and 237 for not having taken out unlimited liability insurance, as required by law.
The agents of the Guardia Civil Traffic Group have also verified that 83 school transport vehicles had deficiencies in the service and emergency doors, as well as in their activation devices and another 8 were denounced for not having the Technical Inspection in order.
In addition, 23 drivers were denounced for excess driving time or reduced rest time and another 19 for not taking a person in charge of caring for the minors on board the coach, when appropriate.
Finally, with regard to the mandatory signalling that this type of vehicle must carry, 45 controlled vehicles did not carry the corresponding V-10 signal for school transport and another 15 lacked the luminous device with an emergency signal.