Dave via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I don't know if you've covered this before but thought it was worth passing on. For my Photos I
use Google Photos and there is also an app on my phone so I've got all my photos with me as a thumb
nail It is 1TB of data free with Gmail account and stores the photos in original quality.
Aunty Says:
Hi Dave. I think I have commented on this a few times in the past but probably when the service was
known as Picasa. For those of you that haven’t used it, Google Photos is simply a free app for your
phone, tablet or computer that lets you manage and move as may photos you like and safely store them
on the Internet, or “The Cloud” as it’s frequently called. There are also some wonderful features built in
to let you play around with your photos. As far as I know it is now unlimited storage, so long as you keep
your photos below 16 megapixels, which is twice what my camera will do. I’ve used it for years and
cannot imagine how I would manage without it.
Billy from Catral asks:
I am thinking of uninstalling Avast from my computer as I think it is slowing everything down. I can't
seem to stop it scanning my whole computer every time I start Windows, and surfing the Internet has
become very slow. I regularly scan with Malwarebytes so will that be enough?
Aunty Says:
Hi Billy. I used to like Avast but it does seem to have gotten rather bloaty this last year, something I’m
seeing a lot of the old free favorites doing. You should keep on scanning with Malwarebytes but you will
also need an antivirus program alongside it. When you uninstall Avast the built in Windows Defender
should automatically kick in. Defender is pre installed with Win8 and Win10 and was previously known
as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Marion via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I use Yahoo for my home page and for my emails emails but last week it has started
automatically coming up in Spanish. Most of the time I can manage but if I am sending an email the spell
checker picks up on almost every word and I have to be careful as it has automatically changed words
into Spanish. Can you please tell me if I can force it back to English?
Aunty Says:
Hello Marion. The easiest way will be to go to uk.yahoo.com as this will force the UK English version, and
your mail and most search results will then be the UK ones. If you use sites ending in .com then
Windows and your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) will often use your geo location to determine what
language you need, and as we are in Spain this will cause this kind of thing. To tidy things up you can
change your default startup/homepage to uk.yahoo.com within the settings of your browser.