Robin and Mike via email asks:
Hi Aunty. In a recent article, about translating a page of text, you suggested scanning it
as an OCD document. My HP 2130 scanner does not appear to have that as an option.
Unless one of these is an acronym for OCD. The file types available are: JPEG, PNG,
TIFF, Bitmap, OpenXPS and PDF. I usually use PDF which does not allow me to
copy/paste the content. Please advise.
Aunty Says:
Hello Robin. My HP and Canon both came bundled with the option to scan as OCR but
this is not the case with every printer. There is a free app you can download called
SimpleOCR which you can get from the Microsoft Store which I have successfully used.
You will need to first scan and save your document as a jpeg and then simply open it
using the app and continue with the copy & paste into Google Translate. I think OCD
stands for Obsessive Christmas Disorder.
Susan via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have music on my laptop and wish to transfer it to my smart phone but I am
having trouble doing so. I have been trying via a USB cable, have you any suggestions
please? My laptop is an HP probook with Windows 7.
Aunty Says:
Most modern Android phones should connect with Windows 10 without any additional
software, but older phones on Windows 7 may need some driver software from the phone
manufacturers website. You could try and use the Bluetooth option rather than USB but you
may still need to download some software from your phone’s manafactuer. If you have an
Apple phone then you will first need to download and install Apple’s iTunes app and use that
with the USB charging cable. I still pop the micro SD card out of my phone into the card reader
on my laptop and simply copy & paste the MP3 files.
Ruth via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have just got message to upgrade free Malwarebytes and have 13 days until
premium trial ends, so I presume  if I don’t ‘Upgrade Now to Premium’ it will just go
back to Free again, but do I need to click on the box that says ‘Activate License’ that is
alongside the Upgrade Now box? To activate my free version or is that to activate
Premium version.
Aunty Says:
Hello Ruth. Running the free version of Malwarebytes has gotten a bit confusing
because the folk at Malwarebytes really want us to contribute towards their software
so they’ve made it difficult to steer clear of the paid Premium version. Upgrading and
activating are principally the same thing and involve paying for a licence so doing
nothing will still leave you with the basic free version. If you go to “settings” and
“deactivate premium trial” and say no to the real time protection popup you should be
That’s it for this week, email me at and I will see what I
can do.