Benidorm hero taxi driver hailed

A Benidorm taxi driver is being praised for helping two women who were being pursued by a man – one unknowingly. A young woman from Rincón de Loix recorded a video, which has gone viral on TikTok, explaining what happened.
On Sunday afternoon, 22-year-old Amalia, was walking home. It was dark and she soon got the feeling she was being followed by a man. She said she tried to remain calm and decided to check if she was really being followed or if her imagination was playing tricks on her out of fear.

She crossed to the other side of the road and continued walking. The man walking behind her did the same. Amalia crossed again and her pursuer again copied her movements. Scared, she stopped and picked up the phone. The man passed by, but a little further on, he stopped and turned around to stare at her.

Very scared, the young woman changed direction and ran down the hill and managed to flag down a taxi. Getting in, she told the taxi driver what happened. Juan, the hero of the story, asked her to describe the man in order to alert the police. “He is a man in a tracksuit, dark, with central baldness and a rather unkempt appearance,” she told him.

They decided to take the taxi back through the same area and Amalia immediately recognised the man who was following her just a few minutes before. Only now, he was stalking another young woman who was talking on her phone, oblivious to the potential danger. Juan the taxi driver watched what was going on and saw that, indeed, the man was following the other young woman. He decided to act. He sped up, stopping the car next to the girl and asked her to get in the taxi. The young woman hesitated, but she ended up getting in at Amalia’s insistence.

Finally, Juan took both women home, refusing to charge them for the taxi ride and waiting outside until each one was safely through her front door.

In addition to reporting the incident to the police, Amalia decided to share the ordeal on TikTok, in a video which has been shared over 3000 times and liked by more than 220,000 users. In the video, she wanted to thank her ‘hero’ taxi driver, but also warn other young women around Benidorm to be vigilant.

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