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Another week, another rescue

What sort of person leaves their horse tied up to a palm tree on the side of the road and simply walks away? We’ll never know because this latest rescue has no microchip or any other forms of identification. The Policia Local in Albatera got in contact with Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) on the advice of Seprona from a neighbouring town. This in itself is very reassuring as it demonstrates that there is a growing interest amongst the authorities regarding animal welfare and the Rescue Centre is seeing more and more cases of law enforcement being willing to act to save an animal knowing there is somewhere safe for them to be.
Two young Police Officers met Rod Weeding, Co-Founder of EHCRC, at the Albatera police station to complete the necessary paperwork for her to be transported legally to the safety of the Rescue Centre. Then they took him to the location and with their assistance and that of several other helpful bystanders they eventually loaded her into the horse box. Rod said: “It was quite a struggle trying to coax and encourage her with bits of grass and treats to get into the trailer. There were two elderly guys and two young girls who helped and there were several others bystanders who were interested in what was happening. But it still took over an hour to finally get her into the trailer. The Police were fantastic.”
This stunning mare now called Megan is about three years old. She has been seen by the vet Dorothea and at least she is not in foal as that was a worry. Foals are absolutely adorable – but with nearly 120 horses, ponies and donkeys already at EHCRC they really didn’t need any more.
Megan is settling into her new surroundings but it is becoming increasingly clear that she has suffered some traumatic experience or most likely been locked away as she appears to be agoraphobic. Megan seems quite settled and at home in her stable, with her little neighbours, the recently rescued pony mum and baby mule but as soon as she gets out into the open she just appears to totally panic. She is generally terrified of the horses but seems to cope better with the donkeys and miniatures. She just cannot cope with being let off to run free. On her first day out she just bolted and galloped blindly around the fields sending fences flying everywhere. On the next couple of outings it became clear that she did not know how to behave when in the open air. So with regular short walks throughout the day out into the fields, building her confidence with time and patience, is the best way forward. This is not a problem for the Centre as Co-Founder Sue Weeding said: “Time is not an issue, whatever Megan needs Megan will get. Right now we are most concerned with her psychological wellbeing and helping her adapt to a new confident way of living, slowly and patiently is our goal.”
EHCRC are Megan’s custodians now and they will do whatever it takes to build this beautiful girl’s confidence and help her to have a happy healthy life.
EHCRC is a non-profit organisation with no governmental funding. It is thanks to Sue and Rod Weeding and the generosity of all the donators and volunteers that this invaluable service continues. If you would like to become a supporter then check out the website: for all information about donating financially or donating articles such as good quality furniture for the Charity Shops and you’ll find information too on their Open Days on the first Sunday of the month and more.

Caterpillars appear earlier each year

A number of sightings of processionary caterpillars have now been reported in the Torrevieja area. This pest creates great concern amongst pet owners as the hairs from the caterpillar can cause a severe allergic reaction. In order to reduce the possibility of pets being affected, the council treats public areas where they have been seen.
One of these recently has been adjacent to Calle Mozart, the street running alongside the natural park in La Siesta. The council placed a warning notice on the gates to the park following treatment in this area to kill the caterpillars. The sign warned people usually using the park that they should not enter for the three days following the treatment taking place.
Costa Blanca People received a request for information from a concerned dog owner living on the street. Her question was why had it taken the council so long to deal with the problem when the first caterpillars had been spotted three weeks previously on the ground in the area across from the Sol Apartments.
The answer appears to be linked to the earlier appearance each year of the caterpillars. In reply, Councillor Carmen Morate explained that the caterpillars are traditionally seen in the spring time but their appearance seems to be brought forward each year. Now, January and February are frequently the months when they are first being spotted.
Although apologising for the lateness she says, ‘It’s difficult to tell when the caterpillars will suddenly appear. It can also be difficult for the company used to exterminate them to react immediately when sightings are passed on. We would like to thank people, however, for the information they send us about where these creatures are so that we can inform the right department and take measures as soon as possible.’

Death of baby donkey inspires incredible kindness

Kisses the baby donkey that was rescued by Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) recently, having been found tied up in a bag but who sadly couldn’t be saved, has stirred the hearts of thousands of people around the world.
There was such an out pouring of grief, particularly on social media, over the brutal mistreatment and ultimate loss but also anger towards the inhumane treatment this poor little creature suffered at the hands of a human being. The messages flooded in from across the globe but none so much as from the Spanish people right here. The Spanish nation are often criticised for some of their traditions involving animals but there is a very active movement of young and old alike who are vehemently against any kind of animal cruelty for any reason. Many of these people have kindly donated money which has enabled the Centre to pay for the costly hospital bill which resulted from trying so hard to save Kisses.
EHCRC’s monthly Open Days are now testament to the increasing interest in its work and the thirst for knowledge on how everyone can work together to advance animal welfare in Spain. The free Open Days are jam packed with multinational supporters who come to join in the activities by taking part in one of the guided Tours which are available in Spanish, English, Russian and French and participating in the raffle and enjoying a vegetarian lunch. All proceeds go directly towards the animals’ care.
Sue Weeding co-founder said: “We are so grateful to all our supporters and we could not continue to care for our current 123 rescued equines or develop our services for the future if it wasn’t for the public’s help, donations and fundraising. Rod and I will not be here forever and we need to ensure that the Foundation is well established to continue our work.”
One example of outstanding support comes from Louise and her team at Looking Good Boutique in La Zenia. They have been staunch supporters of EHCRC for many years but following the horrendous story of Kisses they have taken up the challenge of doing some serious fundraising. Not only have they installed a very special rail of designer clothing donated by their loyal customers with all or a percentage of the sales going to EHCRC but they have also held fashion shows and have had some incredible donations for example a brand new smart phone, designer outfits straight from the Joseph Ribkoff company and incredible donations of money with one particular customer donating €1,000.
There are so many other ways for people to show support, and although monetary donations are vital, it isn’t always about money. One of the most useful ways to help is for people to donate their unwanted furniture to the Charity Shops as this is a valuable source of financial income for EHCRC.
Finally Sue said: “Sadly the story of Kisses is not an isolated case. We have had many situations of a similar nature where the poor animals had been abused and left to suffer and die in solitary, lonely, off the beaten track places where the perpetrators of these horrendous acts of cruelty hoped their deeds would never be seen. We are sure there are many more unknown cases and we are determined to work closely with the Police and the local authorities striving to grow the organisation to build a better future for all animals.”
The non-profit Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies entirely on donations to fund its important animal welfare work. Those interested in volunteering at the rescue centre or in the charity shops can call Sue on 652 021 980.
The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, located just outside Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59, opens to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm. Free horse tours run throughout the afternoon and refreshments are available in the café. For more details and directions, please visit

Dog beach battle continues

Local residents are refusing to accept the judgement by a court that the town
council are within their rights to identify a beach which can be used by dogs
and their owners. On Sunday 26 th August, the police had to be called to settle
an argument that was taking place between some dogs and their owners and
local residents in la Cala del Moro.
The dispute took place on Sunday morning when once again the signs
advertising the location of the beach had been removed along with the rules
that dog owners must follow. The hostility began at around 1pm as local
residents called the local police to inform them that there were many people
using the beach with dogs in the absence of the sign permitting them to do so.
According to witnesses at the time, the police took details of those using the
beach with dogs whilst the resident continued to verbally abuse them, even
threatening to kill their pets.
The court had declared that the town hall could continue to allocate the beach
in this way as it is in the overall interest of the town’s people. However, local
people who have properties in the area have continued to harass those using
it on a daily basis.
The situation has been made more complicated for the police who are being
called out as it is apparently difficult for them to know exactly where the area
reserved for dogs extends to without the signs being present. During the
disturbances on Sunday the police made their own territorial marks to indicate
where the dogs could and couldn’t go.
The residents claim that they are not responsible for the removal of the signs
but that when they have ‘disappeared’ they have not been replaced.
Councillor Javier Manzanares is responsible for the beaches. In response he
indicated that the signs have been removed at least twice on the Cala del
Moro and three times on the other designated beach of Punta Margalla. There
is currently no end in site to this contentious issue.

2019 equine fundraising calendar

Twelve stunning photographs of horses, ponies and donkeys rescued from abuse and
neglect feature in a new 2019 calendar launched by Spain’s Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre
this week.
The non-profit Rojales rescue centre – which has more than 120 equine residents and has
saved 16 horses, ponies and donkeys this year alone – hopes the calendar sales will help
raise funds to replace its deteriorating and costly internal fences.
“Our internal fencing is currently made almost entirely of electric fence tape held up by
plastic posts. While this type of fencing is safe for our horses, the electric tape deteriorates
rapidly in the hot Spanish sun, requiring constant replacement,” centre co-founder Sue
Weeding said.
“Some cheeky horses have also learned to push over and snap the plastic posts. Each day,
we replace anywhere from five to 10 broken plastic posts – and at €3 each, the cost quickly
adds up.”
The centre hopes to raise €5,000 to complete stage one of its internal fencing replacement
project. For every three calendars sold, the centre will be able to purchase an entire metre
of strong and permanent Tornado Wire fencing.
The calendar features photos the centre’s horses, ponies and donkeys kindly taken and
donated by photographer Elaine Warnock.
Elaine said: “The 2019 calendar is a great way of raising awareness of how these animals
have been previously treated and the photos are a testament to how they have been cared
for and how beautiful they look today.”
The limited-edition calendar was designed by volunteer Koren Helbig, meaning almost every
cent raised from sales goes straight to the internal fence fundraiser. The calendar costs just
€15 and can be purchased at Easy Horse Care’s monthly open day or online
for delivery or pick-up from the centre’s charity stores. Donations can also be made directly
to the internal fencing fundraising campaign here:
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies entirely on donations to fund its important animal
welfare work. Good-quality furniture donations are currently sought for the centre’s charity
stores, which are low on stock. Anyone interested in making a donation or volunteering can
call Sue on 652 021 980.
Located just outside Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59, the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre
opens to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm.
Visit and follow us on Facebook at @EasyHorseCare.


The belief in Spirit and Totem animals is not a modern one. The people of prehistoric times
and primitive cultures have laid the groundwork for modern consciousness exploration.
In many languages, the word for spirit is also the word for breath — which leaves the body at
death. Spirits could occupy the bodies of living men and animals causing either illness or
insanity, but they often imparted higher wisdom. Psychic powers were gifted to aid from
such spirits. Also found in primitive cultures is the belief in a general spiritual force, which
permeates all of nature. One of the primitive cultures that are still practicing today, are
Shamans. They are known as the 'Healers of Souls'.
Shamanism is a traditional belief whereby through an altered state of consciousness, the
shaman can act as a 'go between' or messenger between human beings and the spirit world.
In some instances, Shamans can be seen going into a trance like state as their spirit leaves
their body and enters into the supernatural world. Another way in which their
consciousness is raised when working with spirit is by drumming, chanting and dancing.
Sound is extremely important to them when connecting with spirit and the drum is a very
important tool to a Shaman. It can have a personal or tribal meaning dependant on what it
is decorated with a large graphic on the front and they hang things onto the drum such as
bells, bones to represent spirit and animals as well as rattles.
The Shamans have a very close bond with Power, or Totem animals. The meaning behind
the name Shaman is translated as 'One who knows'. They will often call on animals to assist
them in certain tasks. The animals act as messengers or can be seen as an omen. They also
represent Animal Spirit Guides or Power/Totem animals.
Everyone has an Animal Spirit Guide.
Power animals are also known as Totem animals or spirit animals. Everyone has a main
animal guide, although just like spirit guides, different ones will come and go throughout
your life especially if you need extra help 'from above', When you call upon the angels for
help, they will always find a way to show you that they have heard your prayers, and
sending an animal spirit guide is one of them!
If you are drawn to a particular animal this could be your Spirit Animal Guide. If you would
like to find out more, I recommend books on the subject by the author Steven Farmer. One
is called Animal Spirit Guides, and the other, Power Animals. They cover the majority of
animals from the spirit world and I refer to these books time and time again whenever I
repeatedly come across a particular animal bird or insect.
The first Spirit animal guide that I saw was a lion when I was little and very afraid at night in
the dark. I thought that the lion 'had come to get me', completely misinterpreting the fact
that he had been sent to protect me, and it's only now, as an adult that I can look back and
realise the significance of that magnificent creature.
Spiritual growth
If you are starting off on your spiritual path, your animal guide will grow with you and this is
often denoted through meditation. For example, when teaching Spiritual Development, one
of my students, Andy, kept seeing a little fawn in his meditations. Because he is a burly
'mans man' he was a bit disappointed that he hadn't seen a great big bear, a lion, or a tiger. I
had to laugh because I knew that as he developed, the little deer would grow with him, and
surely enough, weeks into his course, he eventually saw a majestic stag resplendent with
How do you know what your spirit animal is?
Once you open up to angel energy and embrace your spirituality, there are many ways in
which your animal guide will make themselves known to you, so let's start at the very
beginning. Have you ever felt 'drawn' to a certain animal, bird, or insect? Do you have
pictures on the wall of your house of a particular animal, or do you switch on the television
and there it is? These are just a few of the ways in which your spirit animal will appear to
you. In fact, if I came to visit you it may be apparent straight away which your main spirit
animal guide is. For example, I have a friend who has pictures of eagles, and even eagle
ornaments around the place. Another friend loves owls and has plates depicting owls as well
as owl shaped cushions. There are many clues if you know where to look, and your home
may be the first place to investigate! In my own home I have pictures and figurines of
unicorns and I also love swans – they are always depicted on my business cards and leaflets.
Messenger of light
Taking it one step further now that you are open to celestial energies, your animal spirit
guide will appear in meditations or you may dream about that particular animal.
If you would like to book a private reading with me or discuss an event, please e-mail me
to: – If you have a question you would like answered
through this page please also contact me via e-mail. You can follow me on twitter

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