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BBQ Recipes

Super easy spicy drumsticks with chargrilled corn on the cob
8 chicken drumsticks
Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
4 corn cobs (vaccum packed from Mercadona are ok, but the frozen mini corn on the cobs from Iceland taste much nicer we think)
Chilli oil to serve (optional)
Lime wedges to serve
Cos lettuce wedges to serve
2 tbs sea salt flakes
1 tbs smoked paprika
1 tbs ground coriander
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp ground black pepper
1⁄2 tsp ground cloves
1⁄2 tsp ground allspice
Preheat barbecue with lid closed over medium heat. For the spice rub, place all the ingredients in a container and shake to combine. Extra spice mix will keep for up to 6 months in a sealed container as long as it is kept dry.
Brush the chicken with the olive oil then rub over 2 tbs of the spice rub. Place chicken and corn on the barbecue and cook for 15-20 minutes, turning, until chicken is cooked through and corn is slightly blistered. Remove from barbecue.
Drizzle chicken with a little chilli oil and serve with corn, lime and cos lettuce.
Watermelon and rocket salad
80g rocket leaves
1 bunch watercress, leaves picked
1kg watermelon, rind removed, coarsely chopped
2 witlof (Belgian endive – in Spanish supermarkets, look for endibia), leaves separated
1/2 cup (50g) walnuts, toasted, chopped
80g feta, crumbled
1/2 bunch mint leaves, finely chopped
1 bunch chives, finely chopped
1/2 cup (125ml) olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
1. For the vinaigrette, place ingredients in a screw-top jar and shake to combine.
2. Place rocket, watercress, watermelon, witlof/endibia and walnuts in a bowl. Toss to combine.
3. Sprinkle over the cheese and dress with the herby vinaigrette.
BBQ Tofu with zingy sauce
2 cups packed fresh coriander leaves
60ml plus 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, plus more for grill
1/2 jalapeno, seeded and roughly chopped
1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
3 scallions, green parts only, cut into 1-inch pieces
salt and freshly ground pepper
400g extra-firm tofu, sliced into 12 pieces, drained, and pressed
Heat grill to medium. In a food processor, combine coriander, 60ml oil, jalapeno, ginger, lime juice, and scallions. Blend until smooth; season with salt and pepper. Brush tofu with remaining 1 tablespoon oil; season with salt and pepper. Lightly brush grates with oil. Grill tofu, turning halfway through, until charred in spots, 4 to 6 minutes. Remove from grill and brush with ginger-cilantro sauce. Serve with remaining sauce on the side.

Anxiety in Children

Hello Everyone – how are you are all coping in ‘lockdown’? I hope your body and mind are working together and with you and not against you. I hope routine is helping you on a daily basis.
I wanted to write an article this week with children in mind – we as parents could be missing some vital initial signs of anxiety. Remember younger children especially won’t know what anxiety is…the feelings they are feeling at the moment could be completely new to them, fear of dying, feeling of the unknown, feelings of lack of routine, no friends and grandparents to see, future fears. It is up to us as adults to instil that this situation will pass, it will end, our lives will go back to normality and we will get through this making us stronger and more resilient as human beings.
We often don’t see how much stress children can experience and how much pressure this lockdown can put them under. Childhood anxiety can develop into a much bigger problem if parents miss the signs and children don’t have the coping strategies and learn how to cope themselves.
Anxiety in general is a form of stress and almost everyone experiences this at some point in their lives. However prolonged intense anxiety that is out of proportion to the present situation can affect any person’s daily life and happiness. Childhood anxiety can take the form of a few different disorders including:
Generalized Anxiety. This is worry, looming sense of dread, physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach ache and tiredness, muscle tension
OCD. Children with compulsive disorders express their anxiety through obsessions and compulsions.
Phobias. Intense fears about certain situations and things, in our current situation this could be future fears,
Panic Attacks. These can happen without any warning. Physical symptoms can be a pounding heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, numbness or tingling feelings.
PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder stems from a prior traumatic experience and symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, fear.
Parents play a vital role in helping their children deal with their anxiety, it is important when dealing with childhood anxiety that it is dealt with in a positive way and not shield them from the anxiety. You can help them identify where their feelings are coming from, help them accept and work through these anxious moments and here are some tips below which I hope will help.
Reassure that they’re loved and they’re safe.
Teach them to do breathing exercises to help them to learn to control breathing, do as a game for example let’s pretend we are blowing up a giant balloon, take a deep breath and now blow it up to the count of 5.
‘Let’s have a little battle cry together’ – this can help overcome the initial fear, get your child moving expressing and then talking
‘If your feelings are a character what would it look like’ – again they can draw this making an abstract feeling more concrete and easier to talk about.
‘Let’s get comfortable’ – until this feeling passes.
‘Let’s talk it out, you are so brave for letting us talk about this so grown up.’
‘Let’s count this out’ – for example how many people are in this room, the number of blue objects. This requires them to concentrate on something else and their trail of thought, which will lessen the feeling of anxiety if you are in a public place.
‘You’re not the only one who feels like this,’ it is important to let your child know that.
‘What’s the worst that can happen.’ Talk this through and ask them what the best scenario would be and also what the most likely scenario would be. This helps the child learn how to think more critically when they’re feeling anxious.
‘I am really proud of you.’ You are letting them know that you are already happy with them discussing openly and trying.
‘This feeling will pass. ‘ Periods of anxiety can feel never ending to children, so reassure this feeling isn’t permanent and relief is coming.
‘Which calming strategy do you want to use this time.’ Letting them know that you are giving them your total support can in itself reduce the anxiety. You are also showing them the tools to use themselves.
‘We will get through this together’ – again you are sharing the feeling of the anxiety.
‘Remember when you made it through…’ – reminding your child about past victories.
‘Help me move this wall’ – physical activities like pushing on a wall can help with releasing tension and physical feelings.
If anyone feels they need any extra help, please contact Changes on 608829557 for a free informal chat. There are so many coping strategies not just for children but adults too. I am a fully qualified Wellbeing Coach, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Water Divination

Water Scrying is an ancient form of divination which is a practise known as ‘hydromancy’, ‘Crystal gazing’ and ‘Oculomancy’. It’s also referred to as the ancient art of revelation as those performing this scrying ritual will, via their second sight, see future images forming in the water.
Water scrying is a form of divination I love to use when performing angel spells, particularly during the full moon as it’s connected to the lunar tides of the sea, and natural cycles of the moon. The full moon is a symbol of intuition, wisdom and divine magic and therefore a perfect conduit in performing water scrying.
Water, is one of the simplest forms of divination which has been practised throughout history. The earliest mention of scrying was during the 10th century in the ‘Shahnameh’ which is an Ancient Persian text. Nostradamus wrote about staring into a bowl of water by candlelight in order to gain inspiration in his notes from the 1500’s. The Ancient Romans performed water scrying in their religious rituals, and the Celtic’s were known as ‘Seers’ as they gazed into the reflective surface of the water in order to see the future. Because the art of scrying relies on one’s second sight, it helps us to connect with the realm of our soul as it goes beyond the 5 senses of Touch (somatosensation), Sight (vision) Taste (gustation), Smell (Olfaction), Hearing (Audition).
When I perform water scrying I invoke Archangel Gabriel who is the ‘Angel of Water’. I practise the art of ‘Angel Magic’ and as such call on the angels of the elements earth, fire, air and water in all of my spiritual practises.
Water is particularly useful during angel spells as it is constantly flowing in spiritual terms and is used for healing, cleansing and purification as well as being associated with unconditional love.
The tools of water magic are washing up bowls, seas, rivers, fogs, mists, and magical mirrors. Water divination is only one way of scrying with water. Other uses are floating, water divining and dowsing.
When I was working on the show Rescue Mediums, we were guided by our spirit helpers to perform water gazing in a house that had unexplained activity and this we were told would give us clues as to how we could help the homeowners. So the first thing we did was find a large bowl into which we poured some water. I spoke to Archangel Gabriel and my Spirit Guides to assist us. We then dimmed the lights and held a candle carefully over the water. As I concentrated and trusted in my spirit helpers the water started to cloud and I could see hazy images at first which eventually became stronger. The information we gleaned from our water gazing helped immensely with our psychic investigation. Each time I perform this ritual I invoke the Angels of Water to be by my side giving me strength and encouragement.
How to perform Water Divination
1. Set your scene and atmosphere. Know where you going to perform your water scrying. Ideally the most magical and sacred space is in the open air under the natural light of the full moon. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, choose a quiet ambient place within the home which you have cleansed beforehand with sage.
2. Ensure the room is dimly lit and infused with magic with the aroma of incense or essential oils burning in the background. The mix of light, shadow and fragrance assists in creating the right atmosphere for visions to arise. The type of oils or incense you use also adds to the enchantment. I particularly love Frankincense, Myrrh Rose Geranium and Jasmine but you could also burn Sandalwood, Pine, Magnolia or Sage. I prefer not to play music when scrying as it can inhibit the information I am receiving.
3. Have 2 white candles ready to light which should be placed behind you once you commence your ritual so you don’t get too many confusing reflections on the water.
4. Choose the bowl in which you will pour the water which will be blessed by you prior to your water gazing exercise. A dark blue or black vessel is best so you can see the images forming with more clarity against a darker background.
5. Set your intent – ask your Spirit Guides to help adopt a calm and peaceful state of mind which is imperative whenever practising the art of scrying.
6. Concentrate on your breath work – slowing your breathing down, and allowing the tensions of the day to lift from your mind and body. Allow yourself to drift in a similar way to day dreaming.
7. Get yourself into a comfortable position, clear your mind, and gaze upon the water. Some people gaze at the bottom of the bowl but personally I prefer to gaze at the surface of the water. You will know with practise which you prefer. Take your eyes slightly out of focus – concentrate and trust…. Initially you may not see too much but eventually you may be aware of colours, patterns or symbols forming. With practise and belief, you will receive subtle impressions, clearer images or even scenes unfolding within the ripples, ebb and flow of the water especially if you are scrying outside in the light of the moon.
8. Write down everything you see as you may not be able to decipher everything at first. As with all psychic work some research may be required especially if you are being given symbols. It is up to you as the scryer to work out what that particular symbol represents whether for yourself or another.
9. Practise practise practise and enjoy!

Unblock a Rod

There is nothing guaranteed to bring the operation of your home to a halt as quickly as problems with the drains and pipes. When this happens you need action and you need it fast. That is where ‘Unblock-A-Rod SL’ comes in. The Company Unblock-A-Rod SL was formed on the Costa Blanca in 2004 and is owned by Graham McDonald and Craig Driscoll, both experienced engineers from the UK. Having operated on the Costa Blanca for over 16 years, the company is fully registered SL company with all the relevant insurance which gives clients the peace of mind that they are contracting a professional, registered company.
The company has steadily grown over the subsequent years to become the leading English Drainage Company on the Costa Blanca. The owners intend to continue the steady growth of Unblock-A-Rod SL providing the unbeatable service and price it has become renowned for. Clients can benefit from a truly 24/7 service as blockages don’t always happen during business hours! What’s more, there is no call out charge.
With several teams out on the road each day, Unblock-A-Rod SL are contracted to maintain and clean many community drainage systems completing nearly 500 urbanisation services annually, as well as offering a rapid response to restaurants, bars and of course private homes with blockages and drainage related problems. Not only do they have high pressure jetters to shift blockages, drain snakes and other specialised equipment but they also have equipment with CCTV cameras to use when required to check out and resolve the cause of those blockages.
For all your drainage needs call Unblock-A-Rod SL for a professional, experienced, rapid and cost-effective solution.
• 24 Hour Emergency Service 7 days a week
• CCTV equipment on all vehicles
• Tracing of hidden drains
• Unblocking of all waste pipes small or larger diameters
• Excavations where required with reinstatement carried out to the highest standard
• Service Contracts carried out for commercial premises and urbanisations
• All vehicles manned with two Engineers
• Spanish and English speaking
• All work fully guaranteed
• Pest Control arranged (note that the pest control is professionally coordinated and monitored for your complete peace of mind)


No more rubbish repeats and you will never say again there is nothing good on TV with the Net Box. You can watch all the popular TV programmes. Sports, movies, boxed sets and live TV from around the world with no monthly or annual charges. That´s right one payment only. FREE UK TV Channels.
TV shows, boxed sets and movies free online.
We only use the best equipment for reliability and quality and this is reflected in the price. If you wish a cheap unreliable box (which I can assure you there is a lot out there) then we have wasted your time and ours. The Net Box comes with a full one year guarantee. THE PERFECT GIFT
The Net Box is a plug and play easy to install device already programmed.
Come and see a demonstration at our studio by telephoning 966680541 or 688611466 for an appointment. No obligation to buy. See our advert for more info on page 14.
Telephone 966680541 for an appointment
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Please note you require internet at least 10MB download speed.
Our box is not a MAG or Kodi Box and is of a very high specification.
We also offer a brand new premium IPTV service in HD quality with Catch Up , UK TV, Sports, Movies, Box Sets, and most European TV. Over 1600 channels
For less than 2 € per week on our box or your box. Its got to be the best value in Spain for premium IPTV 99 Euros per year for top quality HD programmes.

Culinary Awards 2020

Nominations are now being taken!
Nominate your favourite restaurant for the 2020 Culinary Awards! In your own words, tell us why your chosen venue deserves to be awarded. Nominations open until 27 March 2020.
Email Call 966 70 10 60

Download PDFPDF Culinary nomination form 2020
Click Here

Cocktails made simple

There’s no better way to get a party started or kick off a feast than with cocktails. But you don’t need to buy in specialist ingredients and fancy kit to make impressive drinks. These simple cocktails are easy to make at home. Each requires just three ingredients and is ready in minutes. With many sharing the same components and only a small group of core spirits needed, mix up a storm with minimum mess and fuss.
The Negroni
This Italian concoction is not for the faint-hearted. Combining three different spirits with a healthy dose of bitters to kickstart your appetite, negronis make a great apéritif before a meal.
With three ingredients combined in equal proportion, negronis are a doddle to make. Mix one part gin, one part red vermouth and one part Campari (a bitter-tasting liqueur) over ice cubes in a tumbler glass. Garnish with orange peel and you’re done.
The Martini
One of the most famous cocktails worldwide, the perfect martini is something everyone should master. Once you’ve got the basics down, endless riffs on the original are possible.
Pour one part dry vermouth and six parts gin over ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, and stir or shake. Strain into a v-shaped martini cocktail glass.
A dry martini will have more spirit (closer to 100 percent gin) while a wet cocktail will have more vermouth. For a dirty martini, add olive brine and an olive or for a martini with a twist, add lemon peel. Twist the peel before you add it to the glass to release the fruit’s natural oils.
The Moscow mule
Originating in 1940s Manhattan rather than Moscow, legend has it the cocktail was created after two traders wanted to sell more of their wares: one sold vodka, the other ginger beer. They combined them in a drink and the Moscow mule was born.
A Moscow mule is typically made and served in a copper mug. Squeeze around one tablespoon of lime juice over ice cubes then add a lime wedge. Pour in one part vodka, top with three parts ginger beer, stir and serve.
The Kir Royale
French priest Felix Kir is said to have popularised this cocktail in Burgundy after the Second World War to promote two key local ingredients: wine and crème de cassis. The original is traditionally made with the white wine Bourgogne Aligot but the ‘royale’ indicates it’s made with Champagne.
Add one part crème de cassis, a blackcurrant-based liqueur, to a Champagne flute. Slowly top with Champagne for a bubbly royale or any other white wine for a straight kir. Garnish with fresh blackcurrants or raspberries and serve chilled.
Cuba Libre
This celebratory cocktail was invented after the Spanish-American war when Cuba won its freedom. It’s a simple mix of three widely available ingredients that balance sweetness and bitterness for a refreshing long drink.
Fill a highball glass with ice cubes, squeeze in the juice of half a lime and drop in the spent lime. Add a generous measure of white or medium rum and top with cola. Stir well and serve with an optional mint garnish.

Casablanca – a gem by the sea

We’re delighted to introduce you to a lovely new restaurant, right on the beach serving traditional English cuisine.
Casablanca has been open since Easter 2019 and is under new management by new owners Chris and Deborah.
Casablanca has great up-to-date reviews and customer comments such as “Great food and location”, “Always a warm welcome from Chris and Deborah.”
The menu includes British traditional favourite such as Sunday lunches, cooked breakfasts, succulent steaks and delicious curries cooked to order just how you like. They also have a great choice of Icelandic cod and Norwegian Salmon for the fish lovers. Fresh seafood is always on the menu.
Casablanca is located on the first floor overlooking Acequión beach with beautiful views across to the marina.
Perfect for those intimate evening dinners for two, Casablanca has recently been refurbished and has a tranquil atmosphere, providing a light and spacious dining experience.
The bar offers an extensive choice of in-house homemade flavoured gins and freshly made cocktails.
There is a large seating area available for private functions with personal catering – a wonderful choice for parties, celebrations or club functions.
You can also enjoy weekly entertainment and regular events for charity etc throughout the year.
The spectacular views offered by the panoramic sea views are only topped by the food itself which is freshly prepared to a very high standard.

Healthiest Foods to Eat for Breakfast

The next time you rush out the door in the morning without something to eat, consider this: Skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day. A healthy morning meal, on the other hand, provides energy, satisfies your appetite, and sets the stage for smart decisions all day long. You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fibre with protein.
Old-school breakfast option oatmeal isn’t just low in calories and high in complex carbs. Oats contain beta-glucan, a type of fiber that’s been shown to help lower cholesterol when eaten regularly. Need another reason to dig in? Oats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium.
Steel-cut oats, which take about 15 minutes to cook, contain more fibre than rolled oats or instant varieties, but any type of oatmeal is a healthy choice. Just avoid the flavoured kinds, which can be packed with sugar. Instead, sweeten your bowl with milk and a bit of honey, and top with fruit and nuts.
Greek yougurt
This tangy, creamy type of yogurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein—nearly twice as much as regular yogurt—to keep you feeling full throughout the morning. Choose a plain, nonfat variety, and add some fruit to give it some flavour and nutrition.
Wheat germ
A little wheat germ goes a long way. Just two tablespoons provides about 15 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin E and 10 percent of your daily folate. Vitamin E is often a little low in people’s diets, so this is a good way to add in some extra—especially if you don’t eat a lot of nuts or seeds, two other big sources.
There’s nothing like a banana at breakfast to keep those mid-morning cravings at bay. The yellow fruit—especially when they’re still a touch green—are one of the best sources of resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate that keeps you feeling fuller longer.
Thanks to a healthy dose of potassium, an electrolyte that helps lower blood pressure naturally, bananas are a particularly good choice for people with hypertension.
Once shunned for being high in dietary cholesterol (one yolk contains about 60 percent of your daily allotment), eggs are now embraced as a healthy source of protein and nutrients like vitamin D. Research has shown that the cholesterol in our food has less of an impact on blood cholesterol than previously thought.
Fresh or frozen, these tiny superfruits pack a big antioxidant punch. Studies suggest that eating blueberries regularly can help improve everything from memory and motor skills to blood pressure and metabolism. (Wild blueberries, in particular, have one of the highest concentrations of the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins.) Blueberries are also lower in calories than a lot of other fruits (they contain just 80 per cup).
Espresso doesn’t just wake you up. Drinking coffee has been linked to a lower risk of several diseases (such as diabetes and prostate cancer), and it may even help you live longer. Researchers suspect the combination of caffeine and antioxidants are responsible for many of the observed health benefits.
Of course, loading coffee up with cream and sugar may erase any potential benefits. So skip the fancy flavored drinks, and stick with skim milk
Tea has a pretty impressive résumé of health benefits, too. Because it has less caffeine, it hydrates you more effectively than coffee, and it’s also a rich source of the immunity-boosting antioxidants known as catechins.
All tea (black, green, and white) provides antioxidants, but green tea may be healthiest of all. Research suggests that drinking five cups a day can increase your body’s metabolism and help you lose more weight around the middle.
Any fruit is a good addition to your breakfast and cantaloupe is no exception. A six-ounce serving (roughly a quarter of a melon) contains just 50 calories and a full 100 percent of your recommended daily intake of both vitamin C and vitamin A, an important nutrient for smooth, younger-looking skin.
Like most melons, cantaloupe has a high water concentration, which means it will help you stay hydrated and keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

Increase in Injuries caused by the Abuse of New Technologies

• Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and neck pain, among the most common complaints.
• Reducing time of use, holding the gadget at eye level, and using both hands when typing may help avoid these injuries.
Alicante, Thursday, October 31, 2019. An increase in the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets has increased the number of traumatology consultations due to neuro-muscular-skeletal injuries, according to Doctor Alfonso Cort, Traumatologist at Quirónsalud Hospitals in Alicante and Torrevieja.
According to recent studies, each of us spends an average of five-and-a-half hours connected to our mobile phones and computers, which explains the appearance of so-called technological injuries, increasingly at younger ages. Among the most common injuries, we can include De Quervain’s tendonitis of the thumb, carpal tunnel syndrome, and epicondylitis or tennis elbow, due to the use of the mouse in an inadequate position or repetitive movements. “These pathologies have their origin in the repetition of the same movements with our hands and fingers for long periods of time, which causes inflammation of the tendons and nerves,” states Doctor Cort.
“These injuries,” indicates the traumatologist, “start to manifest as a constant tingling on the hands, especially at night, accompanied by muscle pain in the upper limb.”
The neck and back are two other areas that are significantly affected by the use of mobiles and tablets, due to the posture we adopt, both standing and seated, when using these electronic devices. “The most common injury,” says Doctor Felipe Garibo, Specialist in the Spine Unit of the Traumatology Service at Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, “is cervicalgia, which manifests initially with pain, tension and overload in the region of the neck and shoulders, caused by muscle overload from continued use of mobile devices, because we bend our head for continuous periods of time.”
To avoid these injuries, Doctor Garibo recommends reducing the amount of time we use these devices, holding them at eye level to avoid bending our heads, using both thumbs and both hands when writing texts, and performing exercises to improve the cervical muscles.
Main Injuries Derived from Technology Abuse
1. Tension, overload and feeling of weight in the area of the shoulders or neck, due to overloading of the cervicoscapular muscles.
2. Headaches and/or dizziness due to the sustained contraction of the suboccipital muscles, and the possible effects of maintaining the gaze fixed on a screen for a prolonged period of time.
3. Different alterations of the cervical spine, due to asymmetric tensions derived from rigid or unstable positions, or the blocking of certain segments of the vertebral spine.
4. Pain and rigidity in the hands and fingers, and even tingling. With the excessive use of the thumb that is tied to the use of smartphones, the appearance of tendonitis is common due to the movement of this digit. For this reason, we recommend the use of digital pens.
5. Referred pain in the frontal and cervical regions, and even a feeling pro pressure in the ear canal and/or the eyeball, due to the excessive use of mobile phones, which actives a myofascial trigger pints (MTP), described as hyperirritable nodes.
6. Weakness and inhibition of the muscles that stabilise the trunk and vertebral spine, as well as the loss of motor control, which leads to the loss of the normal physiological pattern of movement.
7. Epicondylitis or tennis elbow, due to the use of the mouse in an inadequate position or repetitive movements.
About Quirónsalud
Quirónsalud is the leading hospital group in Spain and, together with its Fresenius-Helius headquarters, also in Europe. It has over 40,000 professionals at more than 125 healthcare centres, which include 47 hospitals offering close to 7,000 hospital beds. It offers the most cutting-edge technology and a great team of highly specialised professionals of international prestige. Its centres include Centro Médico Teknon, Ruber Internacional, Hospital Universitario Quirónsalud Madrid, Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona, Hospital Universitario Dexeus, Policlínica de Gipuzkoa, etc.
The Group works on the promotion of teaching (eight of its hospitals are linked to universities), and medical-scientific research (it has the FJD [Spanish acronym, Jiménez Díaz Foundation] Research Institute, the only private research centre certified by the Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación [State Ministry for Research, Development and Innovation]).
Additionally, its healthcare service is organized in units and transversal networks that allow it to optimise the accumulated experience of the different centres and the clinical translation of its research. Currently, Quirónsalud is developing over 1,600 research projects throughout Spain, and many of its centres perform cutting-edge work in this field, making them pioneers in different specialisations, such as oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, gynaecology and neurology, among others.
Further Information:
Rosa Ruiz Aragonés
Communications Director
T. +34 626 023 153

Summer means Mozzies

Summer is here, and so are the mosquitoes. Nothing has the power to ruin a perfect evening like the buzzing sound that means its owner is in search of a warm meal of fresh blood. There are more than 3,000 species of this insect spread across the globe, enough to ruin the evening no matter where we happen to be.
It’s no joke, either. These tiny creatures are considered the deadliest animals in the world, contributing to more than 725,000 deaths a year. Not even humans cause this many fatalities: people kill around 475,000 other people a year. Snakes are behind some 50,000 human deaths, while dogs are responsible for 25,000 (mostly from rabies). Some of the world’s most feared animals, such as sharks or wolves, kill fewer than 10 people a year.
For those who wonder why mosquitoes make that buzzing sound, and for those desperate to know why they are always singled out by mosquitoes, even in a large group of people, here are a few facts to keep in mind.
Why do they buzz?
Mosquitoes do not buzz as a warning to their victims, but to alert other mosquitoes who are willing to breed. The sound is simply louder when the insects are flying around your head in search of a place to land.
Dr Louis M. Roth, who spent his younger years studying mosquito-borne yellow fever for the US Army, published a report in 1948 about the species Aedes aegypti, in which he found that males ignored females when these were resting quietly. But when the latter buzzed away, the males would go after them frantically upon hearing the distinct female flight sound.
Why do they always choose me?
Although both sexes make a buzzing sound, males do not bite: they feed on nectar. Now let’s see how the females select their victims.
The key lies in the chemical “landscape” in the air that surrounds us. Mosquitoes use specialised behaviour and sensory organs to read the subtle chemical traces that our bodies emit. They depend on the CO2 that we exhale to find their hosts. When we breathe out, the CO2 does not immediately mix with the air, but creates temporary plumes that the mosquitoes follow. Like bloodhounds, they follow those tracks to locate targets as far as 50 meters away.
At this point, the mosquito has located the group of people in which you, the primary victim, are to be found. Things start getting personal at a distance of around one meter. At short range, these insects factor in several elements, such as your skin temperature, the presence of steam, and the colour of your clothes.
But scientists believe that the most relevant variable is the combination of chemical compounds produced by the colonies of microbes that reside in our skin. Bacteria turn the secretions from our sweat glands into volatile compounds that mosquitoes detect through olfactory sensors located in their antennae. There are over 300 different chemical compounds that are combined variously from person to person, depending on their genes and surrounding environment.
According to an article published in the science journal PLOS ONE, people with a greater diversity of microbes on their skin tend to get fewer bites than those with lower microbial diversity. These subtle differences can explain the great difference in the amount of times a person gets bitten by mosquitoes.
And since there is nothing we can do about this microbial mix on our skin, there is not much we can do to avoid the bites, except maybe avoid wearing black, which mosquitoes seem to love!

Safety and style from Zenia Services

Summer is finally here and along with the sunshine and sangria come more unwelcome seasonal additions such as mosquitoes. With new warnings being issued regarding the Southeast Asian Tiger mosquito as well as the more common and garden varieties, Mosquito blinds are pretty much a necessity if you live or have a holiday home in Spain.
Zenia Services has built its excellent reputation over several years as the company that does ‘everyhing to do with windows, except the windows’ across the southern Costa Blanca and is now leading the way by offering evacuation safety grills, grill refurbishment and, of course, those all important mosquito blinds.
Zenia Blinds makes and manufactures all of its blinds in house – it offers full range of roller blinds, in addition to mosquito blinds – cutting out the middle-man. This allows the company to pass the cost savings directly to the customer. The mosquito blinds and roller blinds are tailor made, of the highest quality and are supplied and fitted by Zenia Services.
These blinds also have additional summer benefits for hay fever sufferers, as all Zenia Blinds mosquito blinds actually stop pollen from entering the home and they also stop all unwanted bugs, including cockroaches, from getting in.
Zenia Blinds also offers a general shutter and persiana repair service, with the majority of repairs can be carried out within 24 hours.
Grills and glass balustrades
If you are looking to modernise your property then adding glass balustrades is a cost effective way to achieve an up-to-date look and add value to your house. These striking and chic panels can be used for stairways, balconies, terraces and around swimming pools and Zenia Services can manage your needs from start to finish. Choose between clear or frosted 8mm laminated glass for extra privacy. Just imagine how stylish your property would look if you replaced your wall or concrete balustrades for this stylish contemporary look. And imagine never having to laboriously paint all those balustrades ever again! Call Zenia Services now for a free no obligation quotation.
Grills on windows are a tried and tested way to prevent break-ins and opportunistic thefts. However, should doorways be blocked by fire then these safety grills can affectively become prison bars. Zenia Services can transform your security grill into a secure fire escape which allows the grill to be opened from the inside and as an added security feature the mechanism cannot be seen from the outside, giving the evacuation grill the same appearance as any other grill. The safety grills lock from the inside and can be quickly and easily unlocked by key.
Zenia Services can also give your tired grills a new lease of life, sprucing up the kerb appeal of you property ideal for a summer clean or pre-sale makeover. The team will uninstall and collect your grills. This can be done even if the grills are built into the wall. These are then sandblasted to remove the old paint and rust and then powder coated in any colour of your choice and are the only local company using this technique.
This technique can be used on grills of all shapes and sizes; providing the rust has not damaged the integrity of the metal; although most damage can be repaired. Even better, the service can be completed on any metal object from ornaments to home and garden furniture. The results are impressive with the item looking like new again. The business also offers a galvanising service to prevent rusting for upto7 years.
There is no job too big or small for Zenia Services and work is guaranteed. All services offered are fully legal and fully insured. For an unbeatable, affordable and friendly service call Neil and the team on 659 763 517, check them out on Facebook or email: