Sunday, June 16th 2024


Potential breakthrough in detecting driver fatigue

Driver fatigue, responsible for a significant percentage of traffic accidents, has prompted a closer examination of its causes and potential solutions. Various countries are taking the issue of driver fatigue

7 Signs You Need A New Car

There are a lot of signs that can tell you when it’s time for a new car. You might be spending more and more on repairs, your car might be


If you have been driving for any length of time, there is a good chance that you have wondered at some point if it’s time to replace the brakes on

Police crackdown on illegal UK cars

Local police in Spain have increased their efforts to enforce stricter controls on unlicensed and uninsured British cars, following an agreement made between the Spanish authorities and the British Embassy.

Is your vehicle road-ready?

It is important to make sure they are safe and ready for the road at all times. The start of a new month is one of the best times to

Tow Bars and the Law

If you need to tow a trailer with your vehicle, you will need to have a tow bar installed. However, in view of the serious implications of getting the installation

Need to Register Your Vehicle?

It’s not just UK vehicles that we register on to Spanish plates! Here at Car Registrations Spain, we understand the challenges that come with registering foreign vehicles on to Spanish