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Murder investigation rules death was accidental

An investigation into the death of a woman in Torrevieja has ruled her death to be the result of
a tragic accident. The woman’s body was found semi naked in a stairwell in the early hours of
the morning in the town’s industrial estate. Initial concerns were that the woman had been
the victim of a sexually motivated attack, given her state of undress and the fact that her body
was found near to the town’s nightclub area.
Although awaiting the official autopsy report, initial findings by the Guardia Civil suggest that
the 39 year old woman accidentally fell while urinating. The victim, of Moroccan nationality,
was found at around 9.30am on Saturday by a local resident who immediately called the
According to reports in Información, sources close to the case have claimed that the accident
was recorded by security cameras on the building where the woman’s body was found. The
security footage is said to show a woman, seemingly under the influence of alcohol, suffer a
fall and subsequent blow to the head after preparing to go to the toilet.

La Vuelta sparks clean up campaign

La Vuelta cycle race is to set off from the salt work in Torrevieja. This
momentous event has triggered the clearing up of a pile of rubbish and
abandoned objects in the salt works. Over the course of the last week it is
estimated that 155 tonnes of debris, including wood, has been removed. A
dump that has taken decades to accumulate.
The rubbish was located near Torreta Florida and is part of the salt works
land. It was previously used for industrial purposes but has lain abandoned for
a while, leaving it open for use as a dump for anything that couldn’t be found a
place elsewhere.
The clear up campaign followed an inspection conducted by the
environmental department in January. Much of the rubbish comes from the
updating of the salt work and new machinery and equipment that has been
installed over the last 60 to 80 years.
A company who are experts in the clearing of heavy machinery were given
the job of removing the waste which was then separated into different types
for the purpose of recycling where possible. It is estimated that around 120
tonnes of rubble and another 35 tonnes of wood from old boats and
installations, has been removed.
The rubbish was spread over 10,000 square metres in an area closed to
public use. The next stage in the clean up campaign is to plant some natural
vegetation which is in keeping with the Torrevieja lakes. The area is in fact
within the natural park of Lagunas de Torrevieja.
It was expected that the waste removal might take longer but now 95% of it
has been shifted and the work will be completed in good time for the cycle
race. The area should look a great deal better by the time La Vuelta takes
place in August.

Decision delayed on beach for dogs

It was one of the few agreements between the different political parts in the
town council. A consensus that Torrevieja should have at least one beach
where dogs were officially permitted. However, which beach should this be?
The choice of Cala del Moro-Mal Paso and Punta Margalla proved to be
The debate has continued and tempers have flared along these parts of the
coast as residents have clashed with those enjoying the beach with their
dogs. The signs and bins constructed on the beaches were removed and the
police have had to be called on occasions.
The plan was that the allocation of these beaches would be a temporary one
and that a consultation vote would be held at the same time as the local
elections. However, this is now proving difficult to administer at the time it was
proposed to take place.
In order for the consultation to happen, a technical report is required as well
as the legal report that has already been received. This technical report will
specify which sections of beach are valid and the environmental limitations
that must be imposed. Any consultation must then take place before 90 days
has elapsed. As there are now less than two months before the town council
elections this will not be possible.
In order to ensure that the consultationisn’t forgotten following the elections, it
is being put forward at a plenary session before the end of the current
council’s term of office. This is to try and guarantee that whichever party is
successful at the elections the consultation will be carried out as promised.
Other beaches that had been proposed included Carabineros cove and Cala
de los Trabajos.In the meantime, the prohibition of dogs on beaches in the
area is frequently ignored by local residents and dogs can often be seen on
the sand, particularly during the winter months.
If a public consultation does take place this will be the first time that one has
been held in the history of Torrevieja. It is to be hoped that when it does, it
resolves this long running dispute that has set residents against each other.

C.L.A.R.O. forms coalition to contest municipal elections

At press conference held on Friday in Orihuela Costa C.L.A.R.O. announced a new coalition
partnership formed to contest the 26th May municipal elections for the municipality of Orihuela.
The coalition will comprise C.L.A.R.O, the Cambiemos party – which has two councillors in the
present Town Hall – and Unidos Podemos. The three parties have agreed to form a coalition with
the aim of creating a new Orihuela government committed to sustainable development (no more
uncontrolled building without corresponding services and infrastructure), de-centralisation of its
administration with equal and proportionate investments, guaranteed rights to services, respect
for the environment and equal rights.
This basic platform corresponds to principles which C.L.A.R.O. has promoted and defended over
many years. In fact, C.L.A.R.O. has been working with Cambiemos over the last four years, in
particular on environmental issues such as saving Cala Mosca, the last green area on the coast
threatened with the construction of 1,500 new houses, as well as the need for proper parks and
gardens in Orihuela Costa.
Recently Cambiemos presented a motion at the Town Hall plenary meeting for the de-
centralisation of the administration and finances of the municipality. This initiative was supported
by C.L.A.R.O. and other coastal associations. However, predictably, this motion was defeated by
the present Popular Party-Ciudadanos government coalition.
As well as holding common local political aspirations, a strong basis for the coalition is to ensure
the by working together the parties will see their councillors gain places in the next council. By
joining forces they aim to counter the bias of the electoral system which penalises parties which
fail to reach a threshold of 5 percent of the total votes cast. In the 2015 elections C.L.A.R.O. gained
1,400 votes and so failed by 35 votes to elect a councillor. Similarly, Podemos with 900 votes also
However, looking towards this year’s election, together with Cambiemos – which narrowly failed to
elect a third councillor – C.L.A.R.O believes that it has a real opportunity to elect a strong group of
people which will be effective in changing the government of Orihuela, or will at least form part of
a strong opposition including dedicated councillors who will provide a voice for Orihuela Costa.
The top four on the coalition list will be: Carlos Bernabe (Cambiemos), Maria Garcia Sandoval
(Podemos), Javier Garcia (Cambiemos) and Helene Akermane (C.L.A.R.O).
Another positive factor is that C.L.A.R.O., with the agreement of Cambiemos and Podemos, has
offered one of its posts on the list of candidates to an independent representative – Mamen Lopez
Raya – of the newly formed and potentially important Agrupcacion de Electores or Citizens
Movement which has begun mobilising the Spanish population of Orihuela Costa. C.L.A.R.O hopes
that this will encourage supporters of this movement to vote for the new coalition and help
achieve votes in Orihuela Costa.
Best chance for the coast
Of course, an important consideration in achieving this aim will be to ensure that British voters,
whose right to vote has been confirmed, irrespective of the outcome of Brexit, participate actively
in the forthcoming election. British voters represent a considerable electoral force in Orihuela
Costa and it is hoped that they will show their appreciation of the generosity of the Spanish
government in ensuring the conditions for their continued residence in Spain by exercising their
right to vote and participate in decisions concerning their local area. Voting to get a voice for the
coast is the only way local residents can guarantee improvements in the issues they are concerned
about such as rubbish collection, cleaning, parks and gardens, sports and other community
facilities and services.
C.L.A.R.O. has always encouraged integration, uniting the various nationalities and communities
living in Orihuela Costa but also wants to see integration with the rest of the municipality.
C.L.A.R.O President, Helene Akermane said: “We believe the coalition will help to end the present
paralysis where Orihuela Cost has no voice in the government of Orihuela. This coalition has been
founded on the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of parts and together our parties can
ensure a change of government and make improvements where the present Popular Party-
Ciudadanos government has failed miserably to meet our needs here and elsewhere in the
municipality. The parties in the new coalition, together and with the support of voters, can ensure
a better future for Orihuela Costa and Orihuela.”

Laptops for Butterflies

Worshipful Brother Norman Barrall from Logia de las Salinas No. 79 presented Mary
Chambers with €2,000 for the Butterfly Children Charity which has bought two laptops for
the charity’s Head of Nursing and the Social Worker. This kind donation makes it possible
for the charity to continue helping the Butterfly Children and their families throughout
Spain.  DEBRA, the Butterfly Children Charity we would like to thank Logia de las Salinas No.
79 for this very generous donation and choosing to support this charity.

Compromis Orihuela puts back the focus on the accumulation of garbage in the Coast

Commit warning of the "uncontrolled proliferation of small improvised landfills" on the Coast. The
training has been echoed through complaints from many neighbors to what they consider "neglect"
of the municipal government.
The secretary of Compromís by Orihuela, Martin Borislavov, has publicly denounced "the lack of
control of the City Council while garbage increase year after year" in the coastal area. In addition, he
assured that "residents have to suffer the consequences of having a few meters from their homes
piles of garbage, remnants of pruning, abandoned furniture, etc.".
The local secretary of the Monica Oltra ensures that although the number of people on the coast
increases, services are still "insufficient", and also that "the accumulation of waste from pruning,
debris, furniture and all kinds of garbage has been aggravated, the result of the ineffectiveness of
the municipal government that already knows that there are some times of the year in which this is
a very serious problem in Orihuela Costa and even then, nothing has been done during the entire
legislature to remedy it " .
In this sense, Borislavov has also warned of the "danger posed in case of fire, to place these
accumulations of waste a few meters from homes" so he calls for "immediate actions before the
arrival of the hottest months."
"It is shameful that the inhabitants of Orihuela Costa have to live with these piles of garbage in our
environment and see that both the mayor of Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the
Councilor for Coordination of Services of the Coast, Luisa Boné Campillo, and the Councilor for Urban
Waste, Damaso Aparicio, have no intention of giving solutions, so both Popular Party and Citizens
have given up on studying any alternative, "said Secretary of Compromis.
Finally, Martin Borislavov has urged the City of Orihuela to conduct a feasibility study and
functionality of clean points to start up places where the population can dispossess free of charge
and safely waste. This, as noted, will be in the Compromís Orihuela program for the upcoming
municipal elections, as they believe the creation of "minimum an ecopark for Orihuela Costa".

100 days without Henry

This week marked 100 days since the disappearance of Orihuela Costa youngster Henry Jiménez Marín. Henry’s family attended a mass on Wednesday to pray for his safe return and that the security forces and residents of the area do not forget about the disappearance of Henry.
For weeks after he went missing, Henry’s family and friends organised extensive searches of the local area where bands of volunteers combed urbanisations, parks and commercial areas in a desperate attempt to find the missing 20 year old. The family has been offered some support by the local community with fundraisers taking place to help pay for legal assistance and monitoring of Henry’s case. Alejandro, Henry’s brother, explained that the family have been kept in the dark by Guardia Civil investigating the missing persons case.
The family are devastated by Henry’s disappearance and to make matters worse, were victims of an attempted fraud by two people claiming to know of Henry’s whereabouts in order to extort money from his mother. To add insult to injury, a website this week posted a ‘fake news’ story about the discovery of Henry’s dead body.
The family continue to pray for Henry’s safe return and have launched a fresh appeal to the public to come forward with any information relevant to his disappearance.

Car crashes into school

A car has crashed into a school in Elche at what has been described as a notorious accident black spot.
The accident occurred on Wednesday when a car collided with the wall of King’s College infant school in Elche, near Martínez Valeo stadium. After the crash it was revealed that local residents have been complaining for months about the danger of the junction in question. In fact, Councillor for Infrastructure Héctor Díez announced just last month that a provisional roundabout would be installed in an attempt to reduce accidents.
Luckily, no one was injured in the incident which took place at 4.20pm on Wednesday. The junction had been reported as dangerous in the past as many roads converge at one point and cause confusion to drivers. In September of last year, local residents wrote to the town hall with their concerns along with a number of photographs of accidents that happen at the black spot. An accident occurred just last week when two cars collided before this week’s incident of a car hitting the school.
The school itself issued a statement about the incident, clarifying that the accident had not caused injuries and that the damage done to one of the classrooms will be repaired as soon as possible. The damaged classroom was secured and the school opened as normal the day after the accident. The school’s statement said, “The safety of our students and teaching staff is our priority, so some of the classes will be relocated as a measure of prevention.”

Fire-fighters battle ‘bazaar’ blaze

A team of more than 15 fire-fighters battled a blaze that engulfed a Chinese ‘bazaar’ store in La Zenia, beside popular shopping mall Zenia Boulevard. Teams spent hours trying to keep the inferno under control on Thursday evening at the popular shop. Sources believe the fire started on the roof of the building, the cause of which is not yet known.
Eight units of the fire brigade were dispatched to the scene from Orihuela, Torrevieja and Almoradí with Policia Local and Guardia Civil also in attendance. Five people were evacuated from inside the store and taken to safety while emergency crews battled to keep the flames from reaching nearby homes and businesses.
No one was injured in the blaze, which took place at Oriental Market on Calle Jade in La Zenia. However, a significant amount of damage was done to the building and contents. With smoke visible for several kilometres around, there were fears at one point about having to evacuate Zenia Boulevard but luckily this was not necessary.
According to sources at the scene, there were several boxes of polystyrene on the roof of the building which could have accelerated the fire. Due to the intensity of the flames within the building, the temperature inside was extremely high, prompting fire crews to use a technique called a penetration lance, in which jets of water are guided through a hole in the wall in order to cool the building’s interior.
The blaze was finally thoroughly extinguished at around midnight on Thursday.

Dead dolphin found in Torrevieja

The body of a dead dolphin was washed up on Torrevieja’s Playa del Cura on Wednesday. The dolphin, a ‘stenella coeruleoalba’ or striped dolphin, was found mid afternoon by members of the public walking on the beach. The people phoned the local police who arrived at the scene along with the municipal marine biologist.
It is believed that the animal had become trapped and injured by industrial fishing fear, based on the injuries observed on its tail and fin.
Striped dolphins are among the most widespread dolphins in the world. They prefer deep tropical to warm temperate oceanic waters, and are attracted to upwelling areas, where deep, cold, nutrient-rich water rises toward the surface. and convergence zones, where ocean currents meet.
Striped dolphins are usually found in tight, cohesive groups of about 25 to 100 individuals and have been observed breaching, jumping, and leaping over 20 feet above the surface of the water. They display a unique behaviour called roto-tailing, when the animal leaps high out of the water and vigorously rotates its tail while airborne.


Fire-fighters were called to a villa in the Torrevieja suburb of La Siesta on Wednesday morning when a fire broke out. The property itself was all but destroyed by the blaze with another adjacent property also affected. The alarm was raised just after ten in the morning when neighbours noticed flames and a large volume of smoke bursting from the property. When units arrived, the property was thankfully found to be empty.
The property itself suffered devastating damage while the neighbouring property is said to have been smoke damaged. Guardia Civil and Local Police attended the scene but the causes of the fire are not yet clear.
The investigation continues.


The 49 year old Hungarian man, arrested in relation to the alleged murder of his 37 year old partner earlier this week, has appeared in court today (Thursday). The man and his partner are believed to have lived in Spain since September of last year, although not officially registered on the padrón.
The alleged murder took place on Monday when the woman’s body was found at the couple’s apartment in Ciudad Quesada. Authorities are awaiting the result of an autopsy to ascertain how the woman died. The body was discovered shortly after 9pm when the suspect phoned a friend who lives in the same urbanisation of ‘Pueblo Bravo’ to tell him what had happened.

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