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Body found at Cala Mosca

The Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil has this evening recovered the lifeless body of a man found floating in the rocky area of Cala La Mosca, on the north coast of Orihuela Costa. The body was discovered shortly after two o’clock in the afternoon today (Monday). Local Police and Guardia Civil were deployed to the area immediately, once they received the call.
Initially, the fire service was also mobilized. The cliff terrain where the body was found is very steep, and the body appeared to have become trapped between the rocks. The difficulty prompted the Guardia Civil call on the Special Subaquatic Unit (GEAS).
With the various emergency services working in tandem, it was a patrol boat from the Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil that finally managed to recover the corpse just after 6pm local time.
The body, that of a middle-aged man, was brought to the marina of Cabo Roig.
The Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil have very little information yet and are investigating matters to identify the corpse and clarify the cause of death.

3.6 metre shark found in Santa Pola

Passersby were astounded when a huge 200 kilo shark was pulled from the waters of Levante Beach at Santa Pola. The body of the already dead shark was moved towards the shore by Urbaser workers and was then removed from the water using a powerful crane.
The shark was spotted for the first time on Wednesday evening near the shoreline, but it was not until Thursday that the Policia Local got in touch with Urbaser and organised for several workers to meet at the beach to begin the process of removing the shark from the water.
With the help of a small motorboat the body was nudged towards the shore and a crane was then used to take it out of the water. The remains of the animal are believed to be still at the Urbaser facility as details are being finalised to transfer it to the Coastal Ecology Institute of the Generalitat Valenciana.
The exact species of the shark is yet to be confirmed.

RBL immortalise Capilla de las Mil Palmeras in oil

Ignacio Ramos, the mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, was the guest of honour at last Thursday’s
meeting of the Royal British Legion held in Mil Palmeras.
The mayor was accompanied by Pilar Maria Samper, the councillor for Tourism and Commerce in the
town, where he was presented by an oil painting of the local Catholic Church, La Capilla de las Mil
Palmeras, by the President of the Orihuela Costa and District Branch, Pastor Keith Brown.
A decision to make a suitable presentation to the town was made in appreciation of the outstanding
support provided to the Branch in all of the ten years since it was first formed.
In that time the one constant factor has been the use for its Remembrance Services of La Capilla de
las Mil Palmeras so it was thought that an oil painting of the church might be an appropriate gift.
The project was discussed at a chance meeting with well-known local artist and RBL supporter
Suzanne Stokes, and with the assistance of her photographer husband, David, a number of suitable
images of the church were captured and the venture was underway.
When Suzanne spoke to the Branch President after the presentation she admitted at just how
nervous she had been on accepting the commission. “Being an artist who specialises on the human
form I was extremely worried that I might not be able to do the building justice. It is a beautiful
church and there were lots of elaborate shadows and reflected light that I had to consider, but on
seeing the reaction of the mayor and the branch members to the painting I am absolutely delighted
at how it turned out.”
In thanking the branch members Mayor Ignacio Ramos was clearly delighted by the gesture. He
spoke of his appreciation of the RBL, the good work that they do and the importance of the role that
they play in the local community. He talked of the two world wars, the awful losses that had been
suffered across Europe, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world by all nations, and the
importance in ensuring that it must not happen again.
As he addressed the branch the mayor became quite emotional. He said how deeply moved he was
by the presentation, the kind words from members and the genuine affection that he felt from
within the room as the presentation was made.
Following the departure of the mayor Pastor Keith welcomed Sheila Chinnock to the front of the
room. He explained how, in recent years, Sheila had donated numerous paintings to local charities
on the Costa Blanca, and last year how she had combine her two hobbies to create a poppy calendar
in order to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.
The calendar features some of Sheila’s most popular poppy paintings, including the one that was
commissioned by Stevie Spit for his Royal British Legion and AECC fundraiser at Benidorm Palace.
As a result of her endeavours Sheila was able to present the proceeds from the sales, almost 250
euro, to the RBL Poppy Appeal Organiser, Eddie Coleman.
Sheila said: “If my paintings and this calendar can make someone happy by raising a smile and
helping someone in need by raising a euro, then they will have done everything I hoped.”

Orihuela Costa Sports Centre hosts Goalkeeper Clinic

The official sports centre for the coast, CDM Orihuela Costa, in collaboration with the Club Deportivo
Rayo Orihuela is to hold its second annual Performance Clinic for Goalkeepers, which will take place
on 3rd, 4th and 5th April, from 10:30am to 1:30pm.
The aim of the Clinic is to develop and evolve all the technical-tactical and psychological aspects of
the specific position of goalkeeper. Those taking part will experience high performance exercises,
activities in the indoor pool and workshop talks with video analysis of actual performances on the
The during the last day of the course the "Batalla Final de Porteros" match will be held which will
consist of a “play off” between two goalkeepers in a playing field of reduced dimensions with two
The Clinic is aimed at children aged between 7 and 19 years of age and the sessions will be directed
by qualified coaches, with extensive experience and will be conducted in both Spanish and English,
and is aimed at all goalkeepers at all levels. Participants will be provided with fruit, water and
isotonic drink in addition to receiving a gift t-shirt.
Registration is open from Monday, 12 th February until Monday, 2 nd April. There will also be planned
discounts for students already enrolled in the sports schools of the CDM in the 2017-2018 season.
Those interested in participating can enrol for registration at the reception of the Sports Centre or by
calling 965 503 915, sending a WhatsApp message to 661 796 798 or sending an email to:

More skyscrapers on the horizon

An application has been made to build four tower blocks of up to 29 storeys in
la cala del Palangre between el Cura beach and Los Locos. This follows on
from the application to build Baraka towers next to Doña Sinforosa park close
to Acequión beach. The new application for Don Sento Towers has been put
forward by the firm Metrovacesa who are originally from Elche and have a
long history of this kind of building work in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and
Santa Pola.
The applications are taking advantage of modifications in planning laws that
were agreed a decade ago by the PP but were opposed by the councillors
who are currently leading the town council. Permission to build comes with the
requirement that at least half of the accommodation is intended for hotel use.
The plans are very much in the early stages and studies must be done
spanning different departments and including what the environmental impact
might be. The company interested in the building work has not yet set any
date for when they might begin because of the time it can take to get the
necessary permission.
The planned buildings are not without controversy. Both that of Baraka and
Metrovacesa are planned in parts of the town where they will have a very high
profile and could impact upon areas of interest such as the Acequión salt
works and the beaches. They will also break the skyscraper limit of six floors
that is largely in place in these areas currently.
Members of the present local council, including those from Los Verdes and
IU, have opposed such building previously. However, the agreement that this
land could be used was made many years ago and Councillor Fanny Serrano
has explained that the agreement cannot be reversed.

New culture website for Orihuela is the address of the new website of the Department of Culture recently
launched by the Councillor for Culture Mar Ezcurra. The site, which is already operational offers
‘rapid, complete and updated information on all cultural activities and events’ that are organised by
the Town Hall department across the municipality of Orihuela.
Councillor Ezcurra explained: “The new website is intended to be a window from which culture
appears to the public and is disseminated so that everyone who wants information is only one click
away. The new website is simple, practical and dynamic. An essential tool that will allow us to keep
all citizens informed about all of the cultural news that we generate and in real time.” is a ‘visual and intuitive’ website and very simple to use when it comes to
browsing and finding all the cultural information. It is made up of several sections, such as Events,
which includes a calendar to enable users to find all scheduled activities indicating the content, date,
time, place and other information of interest. Another of the highlighted sections is News, where
visitors to the website can find all the information generated by the council with texts, photographs
and links. Likewise, the website includes a section on Museums, which houses all the information in
a clear and simple way on all the museums and places of interest that the municipality of Orihuela
It also has a section dedicated to the Circus Theatre, which is the hub of cultural activity in the city.
The sheer volume of activity the theatre generates means that the website holds its events for the
coming quarter of the year such as plays – with a synopsis of the subject – concerts, events, tickets
and prices. TheMurales de San Isidro also has its own section which houses all the information on
this important cultural activity of the municipality.
Mar Ezcurra said: “ is a dynamic and alive website, with continuous movement
and a continuous process of adaptation to the communication needs that may arise. In fact, in a few
days, the page will be adapted for people with poor of vision, with dexterity issues, difficulty with
arm movements or cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In addition, it will also aid navigation for
older users, those with reading difficulties or with little understanding of the internet.”
The new Cultural website interacts with the main social networks of the council, which allows
immediate dissemination of all events and at the same time offers a two-way interface with users in
order to collect any queries or concerns and answer any questions that may arise – something the
Councillor said was considered essential by the department.
The councillor concluded the launch presentation of the new website by highlighting "the
accessibility, immediacy and dynamism of the resource, stressing that it would be updated minute
by minute and invited all residents to ‘visit and use it as an essential cultural guide and leisure time
planner’ for the municipality of Orihuela.

Local man runs 10 th Marathon

Local man Tony Francis will be running his tenth marathon this year, having raised thousands of pounds
over the years for charities. Tony will take part in the London Marathon and told the Costa Blanca People,
“This year I am running for Sense, a charity which supports children who are blind and deaf.  I have a
grandson who was born partially blind and deaf, so this charity is very close to my heart.”
Tony is seeking donations for his fundraising campaign and this can be done easily online at:

Iberdrola and Orihuela sign an agreement for improved electricity supply

Iberdrola and the City Council of Orihuela have signed an agreement to improve the
electricity supply for the town and its districts and at the same time eliminate an overhead
power line that runs from the area of Capuchinos to Santo Domingo and affects visually the
historic centre of the city.
The agreement was signed at the municipal offices by the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio
Bascuñana, and the director of Distribution For Iberdrola in the Valencian Community,
Bonifacio Álvarez. Also present were the Councillor for Heritage and Urban Planning, Rafael
Almagro, and the Head of the Distribution for the province of Alicante, Antonio Mendivil,
among others.
After the agreement has been signed the Mayor said: “This is one of the most important
agreements of this legislature for the development of Orihuela.”
In the coming years, Iberdrola plans to invest more than two million euros in the
construction of new underground medium and low voltage lines in the historic centre of the
city, through the adaptation of several transformation centres and the reformation of
Medium voltage overhead lines in the outskirts of Orihuela and the rural area of the
municipality, as well as in the Orihuela Costa area.
This will improve the quality of the local electricity supply by using more advanced
technologies that are more respectful of the environment and meet the growth in electricity
demand expected in the coming years.
In addition, Iberdrola will eliminate 2.5 kilometres of overhead lines and several
transformation centres which exist in the historical old city, specifically those that visually
affect the Santo Domingo School and the Church of Santiago, as well as the birthplace of
Miguel Hernández.
In 2018 Iberdrola is also going to complete the installation of an intelligent electrical
network in Orihuela, where the company will replace the more than 88,000 traditional
meters with the new intelligent ‘smart’ measurement equipment. More than 600
transformation centres will be upgraded to enable local householders to enjoy the
advantages of this system of tele-management and automation of the electrical network.
Smart grids allow improvement in the efficiency of consumption as well as the provision of
various remote services, such as reading the consumption of electricity in real time, the
processing of high or low contracts and the modification of the contracted power, as well as
pricing by time bands.
In addition, the company will be able to oversee what is happening in the electricity
network and detect any type of anomaly. This will improve efficiently and the quality of
supply, reducing incidents and their duration.

Hondón Valley RBL celebrates Burn’s Night

Around 40 Royal British Legion members and guests celebrated Burn’s Night at El Nuevo
Valle, Hondón de los Frailes, in grand style. Tony, the Piper did the event proud and got
everyone in the Scottish spirit, with some members even trying out their (bad) Scottish
The MC for the evening Ronnie Mannell, outlined the life of Scotland’s National Poet –
Robert Burns and the diners then celebrated in a way that Burns would have approved of;
eating, drinking, music, piping and poetry – and of course lots of chatting. The haggis was
piped in by Tony, which we toasted with a “ wee dram “ of whiskey, before tucking into
Neeps and Tatties, steak pie, and finally topping off the meal with Tipsy Laird Trifle.
There followed a number poems and the evening will also be remembered for Neil Pavitt’s
poem “There’s a Moose Loose about the Hooooose”. The evening ended with a rendition of
one of Burn’s famous songs Auld Lang Syne and fitting tribute to a great evening.
The Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month and welcomes any guests who would
like to come along. Further information is available on the website: or by emailing:

Harmonisers give to charity

Following their money-raising event ‘Blue Monday’ Torrevieja’s Barbershop
Harmonisers were delighted to present cheques to two important charities on
29 th January. Altogether a donation of €2,350 was made to the Alzheimer
charity AFA Torrevieja and the cancer charity AECC Torrevieja. Both charities
were presented with their cheques by Bob Stein who is treasurer of the
Barbershop Harmonisers.
A representative from AECC expressed his gratitude for the money raised;
‘On behalf of the AECC, we would like to thank Torrevieja Barbershop
Harmonisers and their treasurer, Bob Stein, for their generous donation of
€2,350 presented at the ranch office. The money will be put to very good use.’
Now, the group wants to continue to raise more money and entertain people
at the same time. In order to do this they are on the lookout for new members.
They rehearse every Friday from 10am until 12.30pm at the Casa Contenta in
Rojales, formerly known as the Spider-Man Bar. Any new men who might be
interested in joining them will be very welcome.

Children’s charity concert success

Around €2,500 was raised for the Butterfly Children Charity, DEBRA, when Melody
Makers International and the Orihuela Costa Male Voice Choir joined forces in a concert,
at the Orihuela Costa Resort Hotel, La Zenia recently. It was a case of standing room
only, with the "House Full" sign, prominently on display as the good people of the Costa
Blanca once again gave their full support to the event.
Two audiences, at 2pm and 8pm, were both royally entertained with a musical mix from
the pen of Sigmund Romberg, Irving Berlin, Franz Lehar, Puccini and a splendid
arrangement by Brymer of Freddy Mercury's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Special mention
perhaps in this mixed bag of wonderful music would be to Rebecca Holt with the Barry
and Robin Gibb classic, "A Woman in Love", "The Grand March" from Aida, and by the
full company, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Classic songs from "White Horse Inn",
"The Merry Widow" and "Les Miserables" kept Saturday's audiences well entertained.
No concert by Nigel Hopkins would be complete without Jane Atkinson and Eric Berg,
taking to the stage. This year was no exception, with the dynamic duo becoming "A
Couple of Swells" from Easter Parade.
Director Nigel Hopkins was delighted to let Saturday's audiences know, that in 10 years
of bringing shows like this concert to the Costa Blanca, a total of Fifty thousand euros
has been raised and presented to local charities and so the the standing ovation given to
this Saturday's "Choral Spectacular" was even more well deserved.
The Butterfly Children Charity, DEBRA would like to thank Nigel and Pauline Hopkins and
the Melody Makers International for choosing to support the charity once again and the
audience who gave so generously to the cause, their interest in the charity is hugely
appreciated. “They truly give us wings!”