It has been in decline for years and now a 280 metre stretch of walk way on La Mata sea front has finally been cordoned off for safety reasons. The area stretches from avenidas Los Europeos to Holanda and the blame for the state of wooden planks has been placed on the government responsible for the coast.
Barriers have been placed at either end of the paseo preventing walkers and cyclists from using the stretch. The town hall is hopeful that the closing of this section of popular promenade will only be temporary and that it will be open again for the busy summer season.
The move was triggered by the collapse last Wednesday of a section of the iron railing that acts as a boundary. Now, to prevent further damage or even injury, the whole of this wooden walkway is closed. It was only announced last week that there would be no blue flag this year for La Mata-Sur beach due to the state of the walk way and its railings.
The technicians who have inspected the damaged area have come to the conclusion that it is no longer a matter of patching it up. The wooden surface has reached the end of its life and must be replaced. However, this will require a significant financial investment.
The pathway was first installed in 1999 to run parallel to the beach and since then it has been a popular walk along the sea front between Torrevieja and La Mata. It was built by the Ministry of the Environment and remains the responsibility of the ‘Costas del Estado’ which presides over all the coastal regions of the country.
Although parts of the walkway have been replaced following the storms in 2016 and 2017, the work has not continued into this section. Now some urgent action is needed if tourists and residents alike are to enjoy the sea views over the summer.