Orihuela council´s International Residents department hosted a special event this week, with around 100 people attending the Playa Flamenca town hall to participate.
The subject of the seminar was driving in Spain, and included the latest advice about Brexit, including how the UK will have until the end of the year to sign a bilateral agreement with Spain, or the process for licence exchanges will be the same as countries like Russia, whereas applicants will have to undergo a driving test in order to exchange their licence for a Spanish one.
At the moment, a transitional period has been agreed and so the current process is the same as if the UK had remained in the European Union.
The talk was presented by Mark Nolan, president of the N332 Road Traffic Association, who explained that the information had been compiled by Guardia Civil traffic officers in conjunction with Orihuela´s local police.
At the end of the talk the local police wanted to urge those residents who are driving foreign registered vehicles to start the process or registration in Spain as they are about to clampdown on foreign vehicles in the municipality, in particular those which are in the country longer than would qualify them as being for tourist use.
The town hall is now looking into arranging more seminars like this where the questions about all aspects of living in Spain can be answered.