€30m commercial investment in Torrevieja port proposed

A businessman has filed a request to build a leisure facility in Torrevieja port, representing an investment of €30m. The firm, owned by business mogul Enrique Riquelme, is proposing to build an 80,000 square metre leisure facility with cinemas, a bowling alley, bars, restaurants and underground parking. The fairground and the space used by local fishermen will be left intact, says the proposal which was published last week by the DOGV in the official state gazette.
The request to build and operate a leisure and commercial area was filed by Inmuebles y Negocios del Sol, owned by 32 year old, multimillionaire businessman Enrique Riquelme originally from nearby Cox.
Plans specify that the building will not be higher than the Dique de Levante (the ‘pier’ in Torrevieja) and would be located in the area that is currently occupied by the public car park. It is also planned to build an underground car park where the fairground is currently located and to redevelop another area to relocate the fairground.
The project would also involve the demolition of two of the three buildings owned and operated by the port, located across from the Casino.
Riquelme told the press that the project has been designed to respect the essence of the space and to leave the fishing sector and related infrastructure intact.
The Valencian Government took over management of Torrevieja port in 2015 and at that time, ruled out the possibility of developing any large commercial facilities in the port area.
Back in 2009, the then Mayor of Torrevieja had tabled plans for a spectacular redevelopment of the port area. The project never took off due to the economic crisis. In 2014, during the current Mayor Eduardo Dolón’s first term, another port development project was presented but the following year, the PP were voted out and Dolón had to wait another four years before resuming his position as Mayor. Even if the project is given the ‘ok’ by Valencia, Torrevieja town hall will have the final say as it will be the body issuing the licences for the project to commence.