Farewell David & Lorraine

Thursday 8th November was a sad day for David and Lorraine Whitney when they left Reach Out Shop 2, in Calle Dona Sinforosa, Torrevieja, for the last time, as voluntary managers. The couple have been volunteers for nine years, three spent managing Shop 1 in Calle Bella Antonia and a further six years managing Shop 2.

The success of Shop 2 can be attributed to their hard work and dedication and the support of their team of volunteers. David´s artistic talent was not lost on the carefully designed window displays and the many floral arrangements within the shop. He would even put on an impromptu puppet show for the children. The clothes, all displayed in colour coordination, prompted Spanish customers to call the shop, “La Pequeña Boutique”

Apart from managing the Reach Out shop, they have raised large sums of money for the charity with some unique events as well as Christmas Fairs and regular Fashion Shows, always getting great support from Rita and Dave Monaghan of the Marina Bar at Calle de las Rosas, Torreta 2 and their staff. David and Lorraine wish to give thanks to their loyal supporters for their generosity in donating monies and various items for all their events.

David was asked about their plans for the future, he replied, “Our charity work will not stop as we will still be fund raising for the AFA Alzheimers Torrevieja, a cause close to our hearts. So, as one door closes, another opens. We fear the poor and homeless will always be a problem worldwide but we just hope that we have gone some way in helping the problems here in the Torrevieja area”

They have indeed gone a long way and I´m sure will continue to do so for their chosen charity. Thank you David and Lorraine – you are inspirational!