Flood defence works progressing well

The Mayor and a team of experts including managers of water company Agamed visited the flood defence works in progress in Torreta 2.
The works are being carried out on land opposite Urb. Torrealmemdros, next to the ‘via verde’ pathway. It is hoped that the works will serve to reduce flooding that occurs in Torreta Florida and Torreta II when it rains heavily. Lack of drainage in the area means that any time there is heavy rain, severe flooding takes place which causes problems for local residents.
The new works, described as a ‘flood park’ are going well with projections estimating that phases I and II of the project could be completed before September when the next heavy rains are expected. All that will be left to install by September would be the storm tank.
For the works to be carried out, the Board of Directors of AGAMED last year approved an investment of 2,447,851 euro.
The first phase includes the construction of rainwater collectors on Calle Jorge Manrique, which collect flood waters and redirect it to a pool, with a capacity of up to 13,000 cubic metres. These collectors will allow the creation of a separate network, in such a way that the sewage network is not responsible for collecting rainwater and the infrastructure doesn’t become overloaded. The pool will store water for a time before it is sent gradually to the treatment plant, so that all the flood waters captured can be purified and reused.
The second action is the creation of a pumping station for the collection of rainwater at the Calle Clarín roundabout. This pumping station will be capable of transporting rainwater away from flooding blackspots. To get water to the pumping station, it is necessary to build a network of collectors and outlets located along Calle Clarín.
The overall aim is to control the water that, durig episodes of torrential rain, ends up flooding the streets in and around Torreta Florida urbanization. The project is planned in such a way that the new infrastructures are capable of collecting the water and storing it for later purification.
Finally, a 5,000 m3 storm tank will be built in the area between the Vía Verde and Avenida de las Urracas, to collect rainwater. The stored water will remain in the tank until rains subside before later being sent for purification and reuse.
Mayor Eduardo Dolón remarked that with these important works he fulfills the commitment of the Government team to the residents of these areas of Torrevieja that suffer the consequences of flooding in times of torrential rains.

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