Freezing February for Spain

According to the experts all the meteorological indicators are pointing to temperatures plummeting across the Iberian Peninsula. The change is already brewing in the Arctic and although the drop will begin from this week, it is due to hit hard in February.
The icy plunge is linked to a destabilisation of the polar vortex, the wind currents that usually anchor the bitter cold to the North Pole.
This area of low pressure and cold air could be unleashed on Spain if the sudden stratospheric warming and increase in temperatures result in a break in the vortex. Despite strong evidence this process is under way there are still some elements that need to fall into line and the next two weeks will allow experts to see exactly what the heavens have in store.
If it is a powerful stratospheric storm and it moves into the lower atmosphere, then the weathermen warn of powerful winter storms oof cold and snow in parts of the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, there will only be a few days warning if the polar winds shift, before they hit.

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