Guardamar man climbs tree to escape capture

A man in Guardamar climbed a tree and proceeded to throw branches and sticks and Guardia Civil officers in an attempt to evade capture this week.
The 42 year old man is alleged to have been caught in the act of robbing a local restaurant in the early hours of the morning when officers surprised him. He fled the scene and climbed a 7 metre tree where he remained for three hours, throwing sticks, branches and stones at police until eventually he was arrested.
The incident occurred on Tuesday night in Guardamar del Segura and, after appearing in court, the man has since been released with charges.
On Tuesday night, just after half three in the morning, police received notice that the alarm system at a local restaurant had been triggered. Arriving at the scene, officers saw a man fleeing the restaurant and climbing to the top of a seven metre tree nearby.
The Guardia Civil officers urged the man to get down from the tree for his own safety but the suspect refused and instead decided to launch small stones and branches at the police.
Firefighters were called to the scene but could not reach the top of the tree, so after three hours of waiting the Guardia Civil decided to climb up after the man to bring the situation to a close.
Once the police began their ascent, the man jumped from a height of about three meters to try to flee, but the fall caused minor injuries to his arm as well as cuts and scrapes from branches on the way down, and he was unable to flee as planned. He was arrested as soon as he hit the ground.