Important information from President of HELP Vega Baja

Followers of HELP Vega Baja registered charity will have noticed that they we are currently
updating our website. Times are changing and it is important that every organisation,
especially those offering support to people when it is most needed, keep up. When I first
took on the role of President, I met some opposition to the use of social media with concerns
that people didn’t use the internet and only read the papers. For some, the newspapers
were and still do provide a valuable source of information (and now many include an on-line
option too) and we are extremely fortunate to have their support providing a platform for us
to communicate with members. However, whether with reluctance, interest or need we now
find that more and more of our supporters use the internet (currently some 3,000 followers).
Covid may have played a part in this as for many the internet was the only way they could
keep in contact face to face with family members.
So, moving forward we are trying to ensure that we use all outlets possible to raise
awareness of the charity and the help we can offer (if people don´t know we are here they
won’t know how we can support them). Working with Josh a great web developer our team is
endeavouring to ensure that not only do we have everything in place for those who choose
to visit our San Miguel Centre and the awareness sessions we do around the whole of the
Vega Baja area, but also that our website and Facebook pages are up current and provide
information and advice for those people who are unable to come along to meet us.
Although the website is temporarily down, please remember that our team are here to
answer any questions that you may have. Our San Miguel Centre remains open Monday to
Friday from 10 am until 1.30 pm you can call us on 966 723 733 or email The work we do at HELP Vega Baja is completely free and
available thanks to the tremendous work our volunteers do. We would be interested to know
if there is anything you would like to see available through the charity website or Facebook
page and invite you to send your comments through via the above contact details.
Michele Masson, President (BEM) HELP Vega Baja registered charity.

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