The latest Campoverde Sunflower Challenge has finished with local resident Keith Estlin declared this
year’s winner with a sunflower 256 centimetres high. The competition is organised by Campoverde
Church in the Community as part of its fund raising for the annual Church Summer Club. The
Sunflower Challenge event organiser James McAllister from Campoverde Church said “this is a
popular annual event that brings out the competitive instincts of local gardeners, but also serves the
added purpose of raising funds for local kids, with each competitor paying 5 Euros for two sunflower
When questioned on the secret of his success Keith said. “I water twice a day, first thing in the
morning then later in the evening”. In addition to his watering schedule Keith also feeds with a liquid
feed twice a week. Should he forget any part of his routine, then his wife Penny is always on hand to
remind him to water and feed.
Keith puts his success down to his many years in the navy, where he reached the rank of
Commodore. Keith said, “I have travelled the world and seen many lovely gardens and exotic plants.
I was even an enthusiastic grower of Chrysanthemums during the 18 years we lived in France. But I
can genuinely say I got more satisfaction out of growing this sunflower than anything else.
If you would like to enter next year’s Campoverde Sunflower Challenge then contact James
McAllister at The competition is normally run from May to
August each year.

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