On Wednesday 16th May an evening of clairvoyance was held at Bar Sacko’s in El Limonar in aid of the San JóseObrero Orphanage. Four mediums gave their time for free and the co-ordinators of the event would like to thank Belinda Bradley, Morag Bullock, Debbie Blevins and Sammy Fitzsimmons for their support.
The evening began with the co-ordinators for fundraising events on behalf of the orphanage, Ken and Lyn Adams, explaining more about it and the reasons why the money is so badly needed. The orphanage is home to children between the ages of 6 and 16 whose parent are unable to care for them.
During the evening there was also opportunity to take part in a raffle and altogether €300 was raised. The cheque for this was then presented to the Director of the Orphanage along with €200 vouchers for clothes which Belinda and Kevin donated.
The orphanage is always in need of funds to support the children and young people who live and work there. Ken and Lyn would like to hear from any clubs or associations who think they might be able to help with their fundraising events. They can be contacted on 676 650 210.