Mother and son stabbed by husband

A 52-year-old woman has been seriously injured in Alicante after allegedly being stabbed repeatedly by her husband. The couple’s 24-year-old son has also suffered several stab wounds, although of lesser severity. The incident took place in Alicante on Thursday afternoon. National Police have arrested the alleged perpetrator and are investigating whether an argument broke out because he intended to kill himself, as he had recently attempted suicide.
The incident took place shortly after four in the afternoon. The 112 emergency line received several emergency calls reporting the alleged attack and at around 4:20pm various patrols of the National Police and the Alicante Local Police have dispatched to the location, as well as two ambulances.
When officers arrived, they verified that the woman was alive but had received several stab wounds and her condition was serious. The son also had cuts on his hands and arms, while the husband and father of the victims also had a stab injury to one leg, which was not considered serious.
The efforts of the health services displaced to the scene first focused on attending to the woman given the severity of the wounds, some of them to the abdomen. Once they had stabilized her, she was brought to hospital by SAMU ambulance.
The son was also transferred to hospital, while the alleged assailant was arrested and taken under custody to a medical centre for treatment.
According to the initial investigations carried out by National Police, the 52-year-old detainee had not been well for some time and had tried to take his life about a month ago, but his son managed to prevent it by disarming him.
Initial inquires suggest that this time he intended injure himself with a knife and the son intervened again to try and prevent his father’s potential suicide. Officers believe that this may have triggered a fight in which the young man was wounded by the knife. The young man’s mother would have mediated the dispute and she then came off the worst in the altercation, since her husband is alleged to have stabbed her several times.
Dénia death
Meanwhile, a 54-year-old man died in Dénia after falling from a third floor balcony. The victim, who was from Madrid and had his second residence in Dénia, had left the keys to his apartment inside. He tried to enter his house from the neighbour’s balcony but fell to his death. Neighbours immediately notified the emergency services. A Local Police patrol arrived very quickly to the scene but the man no longer had a pulse. Agents attempted to retrieve him with the defibrillator but to no avail. Ambulances arrived and paramedics also attempted to resuscitate the man but he was pronounced dead at the scene.