No more rubbish repeats and you will never say again there is nothing good on TV with the Net Box. You can watch all the popular TV programmes. Sports, movies, boxed sets and live TV from around the world with no monthly or annual charges. That´s right one payment only. FREE UK TV Channels.
TV shows, boxed sets and movies free online.
We only use the best equipment for reliability and quality and this is reflected in the price. If you wish a cheap unreliable box (which I can assure you there is a lot out there) then we have wasted your time and ours. The Net Box comes with a full one year guarantee. THE PERFECT GIFT

The Net Box is a plug and play easy to install device already programmed.
Come and see a demonstration at our studio by telephoning 966680541 or 688611466 for an appointment. No obligation to buy. See our advert for more info on page 14.
Telephone 966680541 for an appointment
E-Mail Visit our web site
Please note you require internet at least 10MB download speed.
Our box is not a MAG or Kodi Box and is of a very high specification.
We also offer a brand new premium IPTV service in HD quality with Catch Up , UK TV, Sports, Movies, Box Sets, and most European TV. Over 1600 channels
For less than 2 € per week on our box or your box. Its got to be the best value in Spain for premium IPTV 99 Euros per year for top quality HD programmes.