New rubbish and recycling bins

The Councillor for Street Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, announced on Friday that the City Council of Orihuela has acquired around 1,000 containers for the collection of solid waste and selective collection of paper and cardboard, which are destined for the coast, the city and the districts of Orihuela.
The councillor explained that “after the awarding of the two contracts, we need to ensure that there are enough rubbish containers. We especially need new containers after the numerous losses we had during the recent floods when many were damages or lost.” Councillor Aparicio added that these new purchases mean the renewal of almost one third of the stock of containers that the council has. Since 2008, this is the first time that a contract which includes the provision of new rubbish bins has been awarded.
Over the coming weeks the department will place 112 ´lateral load’ containers on the streets of the coast. These have a capacity of 3,200 litres and also have improved accessibility. A further 576 containers with rear-load design are destined for the city, districts and coast. Thirty-two containers for the selective collection of paper and cardboard will also be placed in the city and districts and 20 containers for the collection for paper and cardboard are destined for the coast. This contract is divided into four different lots, so that the award for the first 112 containers has been made for 99,074 euros, the second (20 containers) for 16,353 euros, the third (32 containers) for 17,351 euros and the fourth (576 containers ) for 67,256 euros.
In total, the Department of Road Cleaning will have 740 new containers “with which we will significantly improve the daily collection service we provide to our resident”.
The Councillor also gave details about the contract that has already been awarded for the supply of 189 new 50 litre bins for an amount of 15,996 euros.