Newborn baby found abandoned in San Isidro

A newborn baby was found abandoned in San Isidro, very shortly after it was born. Guardia Civil found the baby, still with the umbilical cord attached, hidden in blankets among the ruins of an old house. It appeared that the baby had been abandoned by its mother very soon after the woman gave birth, said officers.
A quick thinking delivery driver is the man who probably saved the baby’s life, having spotted a woman with bloodstained legs carrying a bundle of blankets in her arms. The man and his colleague both phoned the Guardia Civil and officers made their way to San Isidro, a small village near Catral.
Both of the men had seen the woman with blood on her legs, and were concerned that something had happened to her. After speaking to her, one of the men was convinced that among the blankets, he had spotted the tiny limb of what appeared to be a baby.
A patrol car from nearby Almoradí sped to the scene and began to search a vacant lot next to an industrial estate in the town. Nearby, officers found the woman, who they say categorically denied the events described by the witnesses, and who refused to be treated by the paramedics who had been sent to the scene alongside the officers.
Despite the woman’s claims, officers found several inconsistencies in her statement, and they insisted she accompany them to the ruined house where she admitted she had been sleeping.
After combing the area, about a hundred metres from the semi-ruined house, officers found some rolled-up blankets on the ground behind some plastic drums. Unrolling the bundle, the officers found the newborn baby, who still had the umbilical cord attached. Finding the baby wrapped in blankets in the full afternoon sun at 3pm, officers first thought that the little one had tragically died, but he reacted when officers gently pressed his chest to see if he was conscious.
Although the baby had symptoms of dehydration, he was breathing normally and appeared to be doing well. The ambulance immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital, where he was admitted to the neonatal unit.
The perseverance of the witness and the Guardia Civil officers saved the life of the newborn, whom the hospital nurses christened Noa. At the moment the baby remains in hospital, although his general state of health is said to be good.
The mother – 39 years old and of Swiss nationality – was arrested and has been handed over to the Orihuela Court. She is charged with a crime of child abandonment.
The witness, José Enrique Perea had been on his way to start his shift at a freight transport company. Just an hour before officers made the miraculous discovery, he had been on his way to Granadina industrial estate when he passed a woman “who has been wandering around this area for some years, leaning on a lamppost, with traces of blood”

Earlier, Luis María Rocamora, José Enrique’s childhood friend and co-worker, offered the woman water and some money. Luis told police that ‘it felt wrong’, he thought perhaps that the woman had been raped and called José Enrique, who was on his way, in case he needed help.
Perea arrived and gave the woman some water and the food that he had brought to work for his lunch. Meanwhile, he was sure he saw the sole of a foot among a rolled-up blanket that the woman was holding. He thought the toes could have been from a doll, or a baby. He saw stains on the pavement and immediately deduced that the woman must have given birth. He walked away and called 112 while Rocamora did the same.
When officers arrived, they found the woman who denied that she had given birth or that there was a baby at all. Officers spoke to José Enrique again who insisted – if there is no baby, then it must be a doll, but there is something – ‘you must look’.
“The perseverance of the witness made it possible to save the little boy’s life,” reported the Guardia Civil in their subsequent statement, because thanks to his insistence that he was sure of what he saw, officers continued to search the area until they found the newborn.

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