A court has endorsed the town hall’s decision to designate la Cala del Moro-Cala del Mal Paso as a beach where dogs and their owners can bathe together. The court in Elche has agreed with Torrevieja town hall about the choice and the way in which the town hall went about it.
The court case was filed by a community of owners with property in Cala del Moro. They argued that the town hall should have consulted them before taking the decision to allow dogs to bathe there too. However, the judge ruled that the town hall’s consultation with officials was sufficient for the project to go ahead.Reports were received from the local police and a town biologist.
This area was recommended as being the most suitable for the purpose. As well as this stretch of coastline, part of the Punta Margalla beach was put forward as being suitable too. The court found that the town hall had made sufficient enquiries to reach their decision and that they did not need to extend the process to include a wider perspective.
Those living nearby have been very vocal in their opposition. They have staged several protests and there have been clashes with supporters of the new designation and with bathers themselves. Prior to the town hall’s decision, the Cala del Moro was hardly known or visited. It is located in an area where the cliffs begin between La Mata and Torrevieja. There is a small, sandy cove and the rest is low cliff with rock. A wooden ramp has been installed to improve access.
Councillor Carmen Morate was pleased to hear the outcome of the case. She has campaigned for a beach where dog owners could take their pets and was clear that the town hall had followed the proper procedures. However, she also indicated that the process wasn’t perfect and there is the intention of a wider consultation which is expected to take place around election time.