The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduado Dolón, has announced the commencement of a big cleanup operation which is being rolled out across the town this week. The plan sees 23 new workers hired and special equipment acquired to undertake the cleaning works, with a budget of €117,000.
The move comes as a response to citizen complaints about the lack of urban cleansing, claims Councillor for Sanitation, Parks and Gardens, Carmen Gómez Candel. The cleanup operation began on July 3rd and will continue until around the end of August.
As part of the plan, roads and pavements will be cleansed, weeds removed and weedkiller sprayed. Bins will be washed and fly tipping spots will be cleaned up. 30 glass recycling bins will be replaced.
The areas to be cleaned will be as follows…
1st AREA: El Chaparral, La Siesta and San Luis.
2nd AREA: El Limonar, El Salado and Altos del Limonar.
3rd AREA: Torreta III, Torreta II and Torreta-Florida.
4th AREA: Lago Jardin, Los Balcones, Los Altos, La Veleta, Mar Azul and Punta Prima.
5th AREA: Aguas Nuevas, Calas Blancas, Torreblanca, Los Frutales and Villasol.
The Mayor also annoucnesd that while the cleanup plan is being rolled out through the above urbanisations, work is also being undertaken to clean the city centre.
Councillor Gómez also referred to the problem of abandoned cars and was keen to remind readers that there is a citizens phone number which residents can phone to report abandoned vehicles: 966 70 23 90 (Spanish).